Life as a Mumma

Bilingual Baby

Suki is not yet 2 and a half and already makes perfect sentences in both English and Spanish.

She delights often in saying words in Spanish to me and then bursting into a dry laughter at my confused face as she proclaims ‘is that Spanish??’ Her sense of humour is incredibly cheeky and trickster like!

She loves playdough, our current favourite is making food and pretending to eat it and her favourite music is a cute cartoon monkey mother and child called ‘Tee and Mo’ that ding songs about tidying up and loving each other. Just too sweet.

She loves to dance and everyday she tells me about all the people she feels shy of. Constantly disclosing her sweet vulnerabilities in such an open hearted way that only a trusting, unshame-bombed child would do. We talk a lot about what makes her happy and sad and she is already pretty emotionally literate.

Today we had such fun having some rough play this morning. It’s such a bonding thing to do with her and leaves her shining with endorphins for the rest of the day. After that we walked slowly up to the nearby dolmen from our house for some games of hide and seek. She keeps me forever young.


Kali-Ma Chocolate Rebirthing

Its been a fun and intense journey (as it can only be with Kali-Ma the dark goddess) resurrecting my chocolate baby for the world to come and delight at again.

This time around I’ve gone for a bit of a revamp! Vamp being the word as the boxes are a sexy burgundy and lots of gold trimmings on the boxes and bags too.  The boxes will contain some VERY decadent raw chocolate vegan truffles. Its about time our little island had some real bespoke raw chocolates to be eaten and savoured.  Finally. I’m a little exhausted though.  I now have a beautiful girl and a lot less time than before so its all been a bit of a whirlwind.  Interspersed with lots of Yoga Nidras and a few good friends coming to hang out with my girl, I’ve actually managed to get something done other than playing playdough and dancing around the living room with Suki chanting GOBINDAY MUKANDAY.

Not only am I a bit excited about selling my chocolates this weekend at Simply Spring, I’m also releasing an Organic Lip Butter which is just too mmmm for words.  Seriously.  Come and try my chocs and lips butter, I’ll have samples out for you all.

Chocolate Love and Kali Ma Light to you all xxx


The early days of Mummadom

This little being had me deep in love and overwhelm from the word go.

With her large brown all seeing eyes, I was sure she could read all my thoughts and emotions. I felt very in love and very blessed to become the unplanned and unexpected mother I’d become. Transitioning into the mumma realm wasn’t without its harsh initiations though. I immediately developed an acute sense of both our vulnerabilities, to the point that it could almost debilitate me with fears of freakish accidents and a new excrutiating empathy for all mothers and their vulnerable young.  We had a few friends stay and help out a little in the early weeks and months as I longed for more support and to feel like there was a greater nucleus that we could turn to but our modern day disease of disconnection to each other reigned in on us and many times I felt bereft and exhausted in body and mind. We were blessed with material needs and gifts of more than we needed, but I learnt early that a mummas job should never belong to just the mumma.  And my heart went out to all the single mothers out there doing their best in the most unnatural situation of being on their own in a world of so many.

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