SISTERMOON – Full Moon Dance and Gathering for Women


Friday 29th June
“Reclaiming the Magical Child Within”
Join our sacred space to dance, share and love together at full moon time.
Each gathering we focus on a different theme and dance into the heart of our feeling world to journey, create empowering ritual, reflect and meditate with the following:-
What does it mean to be a woman?
What part do our emotions play in setting us free?
How can we become more open and radiant as women?
How can we support better our dreams and desires?
This month we’ll give time and energy to the magical inner divine child within us all and create a space for healing and nourishment to the parts of our child that were not seen, validated or honoured. By doing this we create energy for integration to reclaim lost part of ourselves intrinsic to the unfolding of our vibrant energy today as women.
What could happen if us women gave ourselves the time and energy to dive in and explore our power and possibilities in a sacred supportive space? 
Dance is a magical portal to ride us into this journey as it fully supports our feminine nature and unfolding healing processes. In the realm of conscious dance, transformation happens.
This isn’t a place where we’ll be impressing each other with our dance moves. We will drop in deeply to our bodies and our space will support authentic healing movement and our own unfolding creative expression.
We also use some yummy essential oils to support and nurture us, and nibble on delicious raw chocolate!
Date: Friday 29th June
Venue: The Bridge Centre, St Saviour
Facilitator: Maria Barnicoat
Time: 7.00 -9.15pm (please arrive at least 10min before)
Bring: Notebook and blanket. Wear comfy layers.
Cost: £15
About the facilitator: Maria has been holding spaces for meditation, dance and reflection for over 10 years and particularly feels passionate about helping to create sisterhood, empowerment and connection in women and in our community.