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  1. Sylvia Stapleton

    Hi. . .
    Do you still run the “Soul Movement ” Winter dream dance,?If so could you email the details to me please..

    Kind regards,
    Sylviana Stapleton.

  2. Maria

    Hi Sarah I’m afraid I’m in Guernsey that day but I could do the Monday before or after, or let me know another good time.

  3. Sarah Renouf

    Hi Maria
    Are you still offering this service? If so wpuld you have availability for Monday 13th August?

  4. Gerfar


  5. Maria

    Yes that’s fine – I can extend it especially as it is her birthday! Do you live on the island? If so do you want to pop by my studio next week and I can give you a voucher otherwise I can email it to you and you can do a direct bank transfer or you can paypal. Let me know whats good x

  6. Charley

    I’m looking at buying my step mum this offer for her birthday, however I was wondering if I could buy two back to back sessions so she has two half an hour sessions of it? Also will the deal still be available in July if I purchase it now as her birthday is end of June, thanks 🙂

  7. Maria

    Hi Judith, I have sent you an email now 🙂 looking forward to having you in! Maria

  8. Judith Scott

    Do you have any vacancies for your new technic Friday or next week some time. I am retired so I can fit in most times

  9. cheryl dolbel

    Please can I make an appointment please.
    My number is 07797754404.
    I have purchased a Jersey Voucher for your special offer.
    I am available 4pm Monday to Friday if you have any availability then or am free anytime on Saturday.
    Thank you in advance.

  10. Maria

    This is was a very very beautiful and well attended dance full of goddesses!!! Can’t wait for the next in November. Part 2 of a series of 3 SisterMoon Dances xx

  11. Maria

    Great. Those benefits will continue a while too Gerard 🙂

  12. gerard

    i like this a lot – it is SUPER relaxing

  13. Michelle Glover

    I am interested in attending Soul Motion weekend workshop.I would be coming from England.Could you give some accomadation possibilities so I can see if it is feasable.I have done several workshops with Susannah and Yachov plus Five rthymns.I am hoping this maybe something simlar?

    Is train a possibility or would air be better if not for environemnt getting me there?

    Look forward to hearing from you