Emotional Nourishment Class


Our gathering is an invaluable immersion into peace and wellbeing during our busy week. We will be sharing meditation, breathing techniques, and essential oil ‘tools’ for you to reduce stress and much more!
Emotional health is at the forefront of all our physical health. If we are vibrant emotionally then our physical wellbeing is likely to thrive too.
When it comes to our emotions and thoughts WE are the CREATORS, we can shift the way we think, feel and respond to life pressures and extremes.
In this class you will learn:
* In simple terms, how some of the brain’s systems work, in relation to how you react to situations, anxiety and stress.
* How you can use meditation, breathing techniques and essential oils to produce ‘calm’ and ‘happy’ hormones (brain chemistry).
* How to DE-STRESS your body’s chemistry, lowering your cortisol level (cortisol being a premature aging stress hormone).
* Which oils to use when RE-CREATING healthier ways to think with affirmations (creating a healthier ‘brain road map’).
* How to create a good nights SLEEP, after all if we don’t sleep well it can play all sorts of havoc on our brains and bodies.
* HOW TO apply oils, aromatically, topically and through ingesting.
* Which is the best way to APPLY to achieve your desired effect.
This class is for YOU if you are curious about essential oils for general purposes. You may already be aware of the power they have and you may feel you are ready to bring a valuable ‘tool’ into your life for you and your family’s health and wellness routine. Or perhaps you want a new direction in life with new resources to share to others and create an income? (We will also share information about building a business through essential oils).
Come and learn! We will be sharing our collective extensive knowledge with you. We will show you how to be empowered, finding solutions for a better mental and emotional state of ‘being’.
Date: Monday 25th June
Time: 7-8.45pm
Where: Ziggarat Hotel in St Peter Port, Guernsey
Date: Tuesday 26th June
Time: 11-12.45pm
Where: Cobo Community Centre, Guernsey
Our gift to you is that one ticket gets you into both events we are holding, so you can fully immerse twice in what we are offering if you wish to really soak up the great resources.
Booking through payment is required on the link below to secure your space – book early to avoid disappointment. EARLY BIRD until Sunday 24th June – price £10, thereafter £15.
Hosted by 2 passionate women in the health industry: Maria Barnicoat and Nikki Grierson from Jersey
Maria is an Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist and Reflexologist with over 20 years experience in the wellness industry. www.earth-beauty.com
Nikki is a Yin Yoga Teacher and holds regular workshops in health and wellbeing.
Both women are committed to empowering others to good health and optimum well-being.
The oils we will be using are doTERRA, their potency and quality taking essential oils into a whole new realm for healing.
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