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Cacao Ceremony Preparation


In the days before our ceremonies we can use our creative visualisation potential to make the circle stronger and the medicine more profound by imagining ourselves in the circle together with intention for connection, surrender and openness to what wants to come forward.

Please prepare your body by planning to eat just lightly before the event or leave a completely empty stomach (do not worry the cacao will bring you plenty of energy) and choose vegan, gluten free food where possible, with no caffeine nor other stimulants, nor alcohol before as the cacao is a powerful cardiovascular stimulant.

The Promise of Cacao

We will connect together with the guide of Cacao.

She adapts to the needs of each person and helps them to connect and feel openness in their heart. She offers a deep journey of healing our pathway to love and brings immense clarity of mind and profound insights.

She is said to reveal patterns, cultivate self-love, forgiveness, increase consciousness and support us in our path and personal growth.

In Western culture we’re not used to seeing plants as sacred, working with their spirit, nor allocating them certain powers. We are blessed that Cacao is now being quite widely offered as a medicine for connection and restoring our true humanity in the west.

Physiological Benefits of Cacao

Benefits are found in the neurotransmitter modulating agents that act as natural antidepressants. Its high valeric acid content blocks the stress hormones, while triggering the release of dopamine, anandamide and the endorphin phenylethylamine, all of which are known as the ‘bliss molecules’.

Cacao also contains the essential amino acid tryptophan, which increases production of serotonin, an important brain chemical that helps us remain positive and happy. These neurotransmitters also remain in the bloodstream longer after ingesting cacao, creating a natural antidepressant benefit, while the theobromine and caffeine content boosts energy levels and relieves fatigue.

The caffeine content is actually very low and it is the theobromine content (which translates to ‘food of the gods’) which increases energy. It is a cardiovascular stimulant rather than a nervous system stimulant (as in the case of coffee).

Cacao is the number one antioxidant food in the world, coming in with 15 times more of these awesome flavonoids than blueberries. These precious antioxidant flavonoids help in trapping damaging free radicals and heavy metals, clearing up corrupt cells from the system and supporting detoxification, as well as aiding in the optimisation of blood function and fortifying blood vessel and artery walls. This helps to improve circulation, supports the heart muscle and regulates blood pressure.

Cacao is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including being a top source of Magnesium, Manganese, Sulfur, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Copper and Chromium in its raw state.


Its best to consult your physician before booking a ticket if you are : Taking Antidepressants, taking hypertension medication, if you are Pregnant (it is likely still safe to consume ceremonial cacao but at lower doses) and if you have a heart condition.

What to Bring

  • Wear layers to keep you warm and clothes that you can move around in. Especially as for some of our events we may be OUTSIDE.
  • Blankets for lying on and one to put over you. Cosy comforts.
  • Plenty of water as we get more thirsty than usual with Cacao.
  • A journal to note down any insights etc 

Coming Home

Ecstatic Dance, Kundalini Yoga and Cacao Ceremony

When we are in our bodies – moving to the echo of nature, to the pulse of life, we are at home. Our return home can be as simple as a choice to drop back down into the cells, muscles and bones of the body. It is the honest practice of the heart, and where we can allow our boxed away messiness to breathe and be alchemised by the communal exposure within a pulsating chapel of rhythm.

Where else can you immerse in a holy ground of truth, tenderness and courage whilst stomping ancestral dust into the ground?

Our mother vessel for the evening will be Cacao – in all her beautiful heart opening glory. An avatar of these intense and unpredictable times to help us return back home with each other and remember our interconnectedness and true humanity.

Maria will bring the medicine of Cacao and hold the Ecstatic Dance whilst Adrian Kent will share some Kundalini Yoga.

We will have some live musicians to bring some lovely vibes to the evening.

VENUE – The Bridge, St Saviour

£15 earlybird until 22nd February

Otherwise £25

See you there.


Why Ecstatic Dance?

Why are many of my events centred around Ecstatic Dance?


adjective: feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement. involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence. 
noun: a person subject to mystical experiences. 

It is the mystical momentum that happens when we put ourselves intentionally into motion, within community to let our truth speak through our bodies.

It is the practice of the heart

It is the offering of the soul to life.

The remedy for stagnation.

The remedy for heartbreak.

The remedy for numbness.

A unique place and time with the invitation to show up just as you are.

Not for entertainment, not with expectation, not to people please.

A place and practice to bring our boxed away messiness into the open to breathe and to play.

To have a chance to be witnessed and transformed by the alchemy of conscious exposure.

To know that all parts of us are welcome. Somewhere. Without censorship.

A practice to surrender to the bubbling potential that arises from our surrender to being an intrinsic, colourful, bright and also shadowy part of nature.

Our ecstatic dance community knows the medicine that comes from being truth.

We are the medicine for each other.

An offering en masse baring the beautiful and painful imperfections of life.

Where else can you adventure into the heart of your spirit with inclusivity and full permission to let go of all right and wrongs?

Where else can you fall at your own feet in awe and wonder at the mystery of the fabric we weave together?

Where else can you burn freely and wildly in the alchemical fires of passion and transformation?

Where else can we find safety in the vulnerability of showing your soul, whilst stomping millenial karmic dust and tribulation into the ground?

Here we honour each other and the tenderness that arises from the re-connection of the cells in the body.

A homely playground of truth, tenderness, bravery and curious willingness.


Chakra Love Alchemy – 8 Week Immersion


What is Chakra Love Alchemy?

An 8 week intensive dance-sing-prayerful-movement immersion into the mysterious spiral fabric of your body and psyche.

Influenced by wonderful mystics and teachers such as Caroline Myss, Toko-Pa Turner, Ram Dass, Reginald Ray, Gabrielle Roth and Joanna Macy. You are invited to be part of a core group working deep with the past, present and future to claim the power you have lost on life’s journey.

Starting in April 2022, if you cannot attend the whole journey, it is also possible to book individual sessions.

🌈 Our chakras connect strongly with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. They are healthy when we are empowered and energised through life experience, initiations and environmental factors. They are weakened through personal trauma, ancestral trauma, illness and stagnation physically, emotionally and spiritually.

🌈 We can claim back lost energy in them with enquiry, reflection, witness and embodied movement; acknowledging our interconnectedness and with that, our intrinsic need to attend to our wounds – becoming our own sovereign healers.

🌈 What can you expect? We will work through the heart rendering and powerful medicine of ceremonial cacao with self enquiry, movement, mantra, meditations, kundalini yoga and with each other as compassionate comrades to restore balance and wholeness into ourselves within each theme of each chakra. This is a full-bodied exhilarating and liberating journey but also one that works on a profound level in our wellbeing and psyche.

🌈 Everyone is welcome. Whether you are seasoned in personal growth through chakra work, or whether you are completely new, you are welcome to join us. If you joined for a past chakra journey, this will be unique, with new exercises, modalities and meditations.



❤️ Saturday 30th April: 18.00 til 21.30 –  1st Chakra “ROOT LOVE” Muladhara/Grounding/Belonging/ Earth: The Root Chakra.  – A journey back to the deepest soil of where we came from. Honouring the past and our ancestral lineage.  Shining the light on the frozen and lost energy which is hindering your sense of ground, belonging and connection to your body and the body of mother earth.

🧡 Saturday 7th May: 18.00 til 21.30 – 2nd Chakra “SACRAL LOVE” Svadisthana/Passion/Creativity/ Water: The Sacral Chakra. A journey into our need for relationships and our sense of power, sex, money and survival in our physical environment.  Shining the light on the frozen and lost energy which is hindering your sense of relating and abundance.

💛 Saturday 14th May: 18.00 til 21.30 – 3rd Chakra “SOLAR LOVE” Manipura/Confidence/Personal Power/ Fire: The Solar Plexus Chakra. A journey into our sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect.  Shining the light on the frozen and lost energy which is hindering your sense of core strength and self value.

💚 Saturday 21st May: 18.00 til 21.30 – 4th Chakra “HEART LOVE” – Anahata/Compassion/Acceptance/Air: The Heart Chakra. A journey into our ability to let go, our ability to forgive and feel inner peace.  Shining the light on the frozen and lost energy which is hindering your sense of love, acceptance and compassion.

💙 Saturday 11th June: 18.00 til 21.30 – 5th Chakra “THROAT LOVE” – Vishuddha/Deliverance/Authenticity/ Ether: The Throat Chakra.  A journey through the maturation of the willpower to true inner authority.  Shining the light on the frozen and lost energy which is hindering your sense of authentic expression.

💜 Saturday 18th June: 18.00 til 21.30 – 6th Chakra “THIRD EYE LOVE – The Power of the Mind ” – Ajna/Intuition/Foresight/ Ether: The Third Eye Chakra. A journey into our mental body, our sense of symbolic sight and psychological characteristics.  Shining the light on the frozen and lost energy which is hindering your ability to discern truth.

🤍 Saturday 25th June: 18.00 til 21.30 – 7th Chakra “CROWN LOVE – Transcendence” Sahasrara/Unity/Divine Intelligence/ Ether: The Crown Chakra. A journey into our connection to life force energy, inspirational and prophetic thoughts, transcendent ideas and mystical connections.   Shining the light on the frozen and lost energy which is hindering your ability to transcend.

🌈 Saturday 2nd July: 18.00 til 21.30 – Rainbow Ceremony/Integration and Witness. A celebration of all we are, an embodied integration of all the modules and chakras with a divine invocation of protection and affirmation of our intentions. This is given as a practice that can be followed daily to strengthen the spirit, root in our bodies and live an authentic life that matters to us and those around us.





Individual classes are available to book for £25 per session.


Cost for all 8 sessions individually will be £200

Numbers will be limited – early booking is advised.


A concessionary rate is available for those in financial need or unwaged/very low wage.

Please contact me directly to discuss your needs:



Your guide for the journey will be Maria Barnicoat who will be the main space holder and teacher.

Adrian Kent will be our teacher for the Kundalini Yoga.

We are grateful to be supported by Kevin and a lovely team of musicians.





I am offering to all participants of the full course an Astrological Profile Consultation at a greatly REDUCED price to massively support the journey of the intensive.

Usually £165  for 90mins and includes a recording and chart picture – now on special offer for all participants of the intensive – this profile reading, consultation and counselling session is just £95 for all course participants.

I am also offering a course of 3 bodywork/somatic healing sessions. A mixture of massage techniques and somatic enquiry into the felt present sensations of wisdom that we all carry within the body. The sessions help create a deep relaxation and readiness in the body to unlock potential and create transformations in areas of stuckness and stagnation in your life.

Usually £210 for 3 sessions of 70mins, I am charging £180 for all course participants.



* indicates required


Midsummer Alchemy


Join us for a playful, prayerful, feast of a celebration for this Summer Solstice on the beautiful grounds of Reg’s Garden.

An alcohol free event – this promises to be a solar treat for the heart and soul! With a gorgeous official opening of our sacred space, a deep guided body prayer by Maria, some beautiful live music and drumming from the Balaphones (Maz, Jim and Anita), locally made/foraged delicious drinks and food for everyone attending, and a sharing of sacred ayurvedic wisdom for the summer by Tina Foran.

Summer is brewing! After we’ve all landed together with a focus on opening our sacred space, we will ignite and feed our innate longing for re-connection through conscious, guided movement into the body with Maria.  Conscious body-prayer dancing in community gives us an other-worldly medicinal portal to melt and heal our hearts, and offers us the courage and possibility to emerge from ourselves, a clearer version of ourselves, fresh from the intention and exhilaration of the movement.

Our lovely Tina will share with us how our inner alchemy can work best for us this Summer. Fire is light, heating and transformative. Keeping our cool is a great medicine with Ayurveda. Tina is a qualified medical Ayurvedic Practitioner and she specialises in the promotion of selfcare for health and well-being. You can find her at

At the end of our time, we will sit and eat together on the ground (bring savoury food for feast after – we will supply drinks and sweet locally made treats!)


Bring: water, blanket

Wear: comfy layers

Cost: £15 earlybird price before 6th June and £20 thereafter.

Please contact if issues with online payment.

Location: Grassy meadow carpark at Reg’s Garden – plenty of parking.

Time: 6:20pm to 9:00pm.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please arrive early to begin on time together





Earth Care – A Sacred Act of Worship

Our contribution towards the care-taking of this planet is KEY for a strong sense of spiritual fulfilment in this lifetime.

Join us for a powerfully moving journey, to reconnect with and anchor back into your love for the earth, and your unique and sacred part in the creating of an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling & socially just presence on Earth.

This multi-textured, emotive and creative experience is held and facilitated through an investigation into the following important questions:

• What was the unconscious collective mindset that got us to this crisis point in evolution?

• What role does spirituality have in transforming our world?

• How we can exist in a web of like-minded individuals to be the change we want to see in our world today?

• What is our personal, authentic and innate gift to contribute to our world during this time of upheaval and great change? Where do our passions meet what the world most needs?

• How can we use the power of our imaginations and our creativity in our visions of tomorrow?

We have almost no time left to act as protectors of life on Earth and to pull together to hold a ground of consciousness, resilience and wellbeing.

We need to move while we can, before we experience a collapse into free fall, where conducive spaces to share and organise are replaced by the shock of societies becoming more chaotic and dismembered as our life support systems die.


This experience will be held in and around the grounds of St Mary’s Church Barn Loft on Sunday 6th September.

Please arrive at 10:15 for a 10:30 start. to finish at 14:30. There is plenty of parking.

Booking is ESSENTIAL due to Covid Regulations with the number of people who can attend.

The day is free/by donation but there is a nominal £5 registration fee to help us cover the costs of advertising and organising which is payable through the booking link.

A blanket, a notebook/journal
An object that connects you to your love for the Earth in some way.

We will have a short lunch break. Please bring yourself some food,

Please call 07797832400 or email

Created by the “Pachamama Alliance”, this interactive journey “Awakening the Dreamer” takes a fresh look at our most critical current concerns – environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfilment – and explores the connections between them. It offers a unique insight into the nature of our world, with leading-edge information, dynamic group interaction and inspiring video clips from some of the world’s most respected thinkers and doers, including Paul Hawken, Joanna Macy, Desmond Tutu, Prince Ea, Julia Butterfly Hill, Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry, Van Jones and Charles Eisenstein.


Booking ended

Outdoor Alchemy of Connection Dance


A gathering to bathe in the alchemy of connection through our dance

Times are strange and so we need to respect social distancing rules where necessary, but this is an opportunity to gather in heartspace community and celebrate the aliveness of summer and the fruits of this magical time of year.

This is a fundraiser for charity, a giveaway, so please bring £10 for this or less/more/what you can afford. Half will go to the Pachamama Alliance/Black Lives Matter Campaign and half will go to Birdsong Garden towards their projects.

Please arrive at 6.30 for our body-prayer celebration to begin at 6.45, and at 8.30 we’ll share snacks (please bring food) and perhaps a song or two as well.

So looking forward to being with you lovely Jersey dancing community.

Weather is looking good! Bring shoes to dance in if you need, as the ground is wild and may not be comfortable on barefeet.

Everyone welcome.

Love Maria


Kali-Ma Vegan Chocolate Tarte Heaven





Fancy something different to whats in the brochure? Hit me up with an idea you have!

They are sweetened with dried fruit and coconut nectar. The tartes with white chocolate have a little raw cane sugar in. Sweeteners can be changes to xylitol, agave and other requests.


Any can be completely nut free if requested.

❗ Also please bear in mind, I am currently working with skeleton prices that may change as I collate the costs of the ingredients and time in preparation for these desserts.



“What a treat … it tastes absolutely delicious! Thank you” Jessica Bartlett (23rd April)

“Tastes absolutely awesome!!” Jo Le Cocq (22nd April)

“Divine” Jenny Yettram (24th April)


EMAIL me here with your requests and desires


Women Who Rise and Flow

A feast for the spirit of all women of all ages. A time to come together and dance, sing and share from our hearts.


More than ever our world needs empowered re-wilded women.


Empowered women are:

Women who are creating connection within themselves and their environment

Women who are allowing their creativity to flow

Women who are healing the bonds with other women

Women who are trusting the wisdom in their bodies

Women who are bold and courageous


Dance – Sing – Share – Remember


Dance –

We will begin with a journey into our bodies through movement and sound, with meditations and chants to open up our hearts.  Facilitated by Maria of Wild Earth Dance Jersey, this is a free-form movement /dance that allows our bodies to move freely without judgment or concern ‘for the “grace” or beauty of the dance.  It’s an exhilarating inner/outer journey of moving meditation and develops a direct body-mind-spirit connection, letting your body and inner guide be your teachers and healers.

Sing –

Yes we will sing! You will be taught different parts by ear by Kate Valentine, (no word or music sheets are needed) and you choose the one you like or feels most comfortable for your voice. The magic begins as we put the parts together. You’ll be amazed at the power and sheer beauty of hearing your individual parts sung together in harmony.

Benefits –

Immersing in singing and dancing is known to

● Reduce stress levels.
● Act as a natural anti-depressant.
● Relieve pain and tension in the body.
● Improve breath and makes you feel fitter.
● Instantly uplifts mood and makes you feel GOOD.
● Improve memory.
● Clear mind-fog.
● Boost confidence.
● Empower women.
● Build close friendships.
● Boost immune system and digestion.


Date and Time – Sunday 26th April: 2pm til 6pm

Cost – £35

Beginners Raw Chocolate Workshop

A Delicious and Fun Raw Chocolate Making Workshop with Maria and Ashley

All the chocolate we will be creating is vegan and contains no refined sugar. This is a very hands on workshop and you will learn how to make some lovely silky raw chocolate and some tasty chocolatey truffles with a possibility of many different flavours including:
Salted Caramel
Wild Orange and Geranium
Lime and Chili
Grapefruit and Cardamon
We’ll use very high quality ORGANIC ingredients and also doTERRA oils to flavour the chocolates (which are unbeatable in quality). You will walk away with a smile on your face plus beautifully packaged and bespoke chocolates you can keep or gift away with a retail value of £22.
We will also have some very pure but inexpensive cacao butter and products to purchase on the workshop should you wish to try out your new skills at home.
You only need to bring yourself and an apron!
Date: 1st April 2020
Time: 6.30 til 9.30
(Please arrive 6.15 to give time to get settled in)
The cost is £44.
First EARLYBIRD price is just £33 when booked before 12th March.
Second EARLYBIRD price is just £37 when booked between 12th and 24th March
Booking ended
“I had the best fun tonight learing how to make raw chocolate & raw super seedy truffles with Maria – I seriously urge to you to get involed Kali-Ma Raw& Organic Chocolate its fun & tasty” Jojo Willacy
“Definitely a must! The chocolate is amazing and you can get really creative with the flavours” Tracy Noble
Please contact 07797832400 or email for more information.
Booking ended