Why Ecstatic Dance?

Why are many of my events centred around Ecstatic Dance?


adjective: feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement. involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence. 
noun: a person subject to mystical experiences. 

It is the mystical momentum that happens when we put ourselves intentionally into motion, within community to let our truth speak through our bodies.

It is the practice of the heart

It is the offering of the soul to life.

The remedy for stagnation.

The remedy for heartbreak.

The remedy for numbness.

A unique place and time with the invitation to show up just as you are.

Not for entertainment, not with expectation, not to people please.

A place and practice to bring our boxed away messiness into the open to breathe and to play.

To have a chance to be witnessed and transformed by the alchemy of conscious exposure.

To know that all parts of us are welcome. Somewhere. Without censorship.

A practice to surrender to the bubbling potential that arises from our surrender to being an intrinsic, colourful, bright and also shadowy part of nature.

Our ecstatic dance community knows the medicine that comes from being truth.

We are the medicine for each other.

An offering en masse baring the beautiful and painful imperfections of life.

Where else can you adventure into the heart of your spirit with inclusivity and full permission to let go of all right and wrongs?

Where else can you fall at your own feet in awe and wonder at the mystery of the fabric we weave together?

Where else can you burn freely and wildly in the alchemical fires of passion and transformation?

Where else can we find safety in the vulnerability of showing your soul, whilst stomping millenial karmic dust and tribulation into the ground?

Here we honour each other and the tenderness that arises from the re-connection of the cells in the body.

A homely playground of truth, tenderness, bravery and curious willingness.