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milkywayYour Astrological Insight Guide
This is a blueprint of yourself, totally original to you, based on your time, date and place of birth.  It has the use in serving as an insight into your inclinations and tendencies, your strengths and your weaknesses. 
 It can also be used as a tool to help you exploit and grow on your helpful qualities, whilst enabling you to learn more about and aid conversion and transformation of your more unhelpful traits.
In the birthchart you’ll find:
The Planets
 Imagine these as certain facets of your personality, your creativity, your feelings, your communication abilities and so on.  We all contain the same facets but we express them in very different and unique ways.
The Signs
 Each planet is linked to a particular sign which it was ‘in’ at your birth.  These twelve signs tune the planet, the ‘facets’, into a way of being expressed. 
The Houses
The planets all fall into certain ‘houses’ at the time of your birth and there are also twelve of these. Houses are areas in your life and certain situations that the energies of the planets will express themselves most readily and frequently in eg career, homelife, recreation, love.
These are the relationships the planets make to each other.  They can add spice, antagonisation, conflict or ease depending on what the aspects are.  Certain aspects could really magnify one of the involved planet’s energy and impact whilst others can dampen them down and even obscure them. Some can add conflict, resulting in possible difficulties and others can add ease and helpfulness. 
The signs and houses the planets are in then add even more depth to this statement. 
If ‘harder’ aspects are present, the ‘softer’ ones can often help to bring about more ease.  Some charts are ‘harder than others but then you could say these charts offer the greater opportunities for personal growth and transformation which are certainly the real accomplishments in life.
Again and again I am inspired and fascinated at the breadth of way Astrology can serve us.  Free will and intention are things that are accessible to all of us and the stars and cosmos incline us rather than impel us into ways of being. 
We all have the power to transform our stuck patterns into a new lease of life and I’m happy to be able to help facilitate this within you with your astrology chart reading and counselling session.
Sessions with Maria last around 1 ½ hours, can also be done via video call and cost £165.  A voice recording of the session is included in the package.

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