Life Changing Life Coaching by Maria

“Life Changing Life Coaching” by Maria is an EMPOWERING and Holistically SUPPORTIVE Process that Brings Balance, Fulfillment and Happiness into your life!










How would it be if you felt truly enabled and supported in achieving your goals and your true potential?

I work on ALL aspects of life including career, health, wealth, love, self esteem, confidence, weight loss, leisure and uncovered dreams yet to be realised.

Behind so many highly successful and grounded people stands a life coach.  Watch your happiness and wellbeing grow as you become more fulfilled and focused on your life priorities and your dreams.

Skype Sessions available.

A full money back guarantee is offered if you aren’t completely happy with the results!

If you feel your finances are excluding you from any of these packages, please get in touch:  for concession rates and split payment plans.


Individual Session of 45mins:  £60 
Individual Session of 60mins: £70
Diamond Package: 6 x 1 hour sessions £350
Ruby Package: 6 x 45min sessions £300
Emerald Holistic Package: 3 x 1 hour sessions + 3 x 1 hour Massage £315
‘Gold’ Food Transformation Programme and Coaching

The Complete Food Transformation Programme plus 6 x 1hr life coaching sessions


Begin your life changing process today. Call me to find out how this can work for you. A 20min initial telephone consultation is offered for FREE.

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