Chakra Love Alchemy – 8 Week Immersion


What is Chakra Love Alchemy?

An 8 week intensive dance-sing-prayerful-movement immersion into the mysterious spiral fabric of your body and psyche.

Influenced by wonderful mystics and teachers such as Caroline Myss, Toko-Pa Turner, Ram Dass, Reginald Ray, Gabrielle Roth and Joanna Macy. You are invited to be part of a core group working deep with the past, present and future to claim the power you have lost on life’s journey.

Starting in April 2022, if you cannot attend the whole journey, it is also possible to book individual sessions.

🌈 Our chakras connect strongly with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. They are healthy when we are empowered and energised through life experience, initiations and environmental factors. They are weakened through personal trauma, ancestral trauma, illness and stagnation physically, emotionally and spiritually.

🌈 We can claim back lost energy in them with enquiry, reflection, witness and embodied movement; acknowledging our interconnectedness and with that, our intrinsic need to attend to our wounds – becoming our own sovereign healers.

🌈 What can you expect? We will work through the heart rendering and powerful medicine of ceremonial cacao with self enquiry, movement, mantra, meditations, kundalini yoga and with each other as compassionate comrades to restore balance and wholeness into ourselves within each theme of each chakra. This is a full-bodied exhilarating and liberating journey but also one that works on a profound level in our wellbeing and psyche.

🌈 Everyone is welcome. Whether you are seasoned in personal growth through chakra work, or whether you are completely new, you are welcome to join us. If you joined for a past chakra journey, this will be unique, with new exercises, modalities and meditations.



❤️ Saturday 30th April: 18.00 til 21.30 –  1st Chakra “ROOT LOVE” Muladhara/Grounding/Belonging/ Earth: The Root Chakra.  – A journey back to the deepest soil of where we came from. Honouring the past and our ancestral lineage.  Shining the light on the frozen and lost energy which is hindering your sense of ground, belonging and connection to your body and the body of mother earth.

🧡 Saturday 7th May: 18.00 til 21.30 – 2nd Chakra “SACRAL LOVE” Svadisthana/Passion/Creativity/ Water: The Sacral Chakra. A journey into our need for relationships and our sense of power, sex, money and survival in our physical environment.  Shining the light on the frozen and lost energy which is hindering your sense of relating and abundance.

💛 Saturday 14th May: 18.00 til 21.30 – 3rd Chakra “SOLAR LOVE” Manipura/Confidence/Personal Power/ Fire: The Solar Plexus Chakra. A journey into our sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect.  Shining the light on the frozen and lost energy which is hindering your sense of core strength and self value.

💚 Saturday 21st May: 18.00 til 21.30 – 4th Chakra “HEART LOVE” – Anahata/Compassion/Acceptance/Air: The Heart Chakra. A journey into our ability to let go, our ability to forgive and feel inner peace.  Shining the light on the frozen and lost energy which is hindering your sense of love, acceptance and compassion.

💙 Saturday 11th June: 18.00 til 21.30 – 5th Chakra “THROAT LOVE” – Vishuddha/Deliverance/Authenticity/ Ether: The Throat Chakra.  A journey through the maturation of the willpower to true inner authority.  Shining the light on the frozen and lost energy which is hindering your sense of authentic expression.

💜 Saturday 18th June: 18.00 til 21.30 – 6th Chakra “THIRD EYE LOVE – The Power of the Mind ” – Ajna/Intuition/Foresight/ Ether: The Third Eye Chakra. A journey into our mental body, our sense of symbolic sight and psychological characteristics.  Shining the light on the frozen and lost energy which is hindering your ability to discern truth.

🤍 Saturday 25th June: 18.00 til 21.30 – 7th Chakra “CROWN LOVE – Transcendence” Sahasrara/Unity/Divine Intelligence/ Ether: The Crown Chakra. A journey into our connection to life force energy, inspirational and prophetic thoughts, transcendent ideas and mystical connections.   Shining the light on the frozen and lost energy which is hindering your ability to transcend.

🌈 Saturday 2nd July: 18.00 til 21.30 – Rainbow Ceremony/Integration and Witness. A celebration of all we are, an embodied integration of all the modules and chakras with a divine invocation of protection and affirmation of our intentions. This is given as a practice that can be followed daily to strengthen the spirit, root in our bodies and live an authentic life that matters to us and those around us.





Individual classes are available to book for £25 per session.


Cost for all 8 sessions individually will be £200

Numbers will be limited – early booking is advised.


A concessionary rate is available for those in financial need or unwaged/very low wage.

Please contact me directly to discuss your needs:



Your guide for the journey will be Maria Barnicoat who will be the main space holder and teacher.

Adrian Kent will be our teacher for the Kundalini Yoga.

We are grateful to be supported by Kevin and a lovely team of musicians.





I am offering to all participants of the full course an Astrological Profile Consultation at a greatly REDUCED price to massively support the journey of the intensive.

Usually £165  for 90mins and includes a recording and chart picture – now on special offer for all participants of the intensive – this profile reading, consultation and counselling session is just £95 for all course participants.

I am also offering a course of 3 bodywork/somatic healing sessions. A mixture of massage techniques and somatic enquiry into the felt present sensations of wisdom that we all carry within the body. The sessions help create a deep relaxation and readiness in the body to unlock potential and create transformations in areas of stuckness and stagnation in your life.

Usually £210 for 3 sessions of 70mins, I am charging £180 for all course participants.



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