Coming Home

Ecstatic Dance, Kundalini Yoga and Cacao Ceremony

When we are in our bodies – moving to the echo of nature, to the pulse of life, we are at home. Our return home can be as simple as a choice to drop back down into the cells, muscles and bones of the body. It is the honest practice of the heart, and where we can allow our boxed away messiness to breathe and be alchemised by the communal exposure within a pulsating chapel of rhythm.

Where else can you immerse in a holy ground of truth, tenderness and courage whilst stomping ancestral dust into the ground?

Our mother vessel for the evening will be Cacao – in all her beautiful heart opening glory. An avatar of these intense and unpredictable times to help us return back home with each other and remember our interconnectedness and true humanity.

Maria will bring the medicine of Cacao and hold the Ecstatic Dance whilst Adrian Kent will share some Kundalini Yoga.

We will have some live musicians to bring some lovely vibes to the evening.

VENUE – The Bridge, St Saviour

£15 earlybird until 22nd February

Otherwise £25

See you there.