Outdoor Alchemy of Connection Dance


A gathering to bathe in the alchemy of connection through our dance

Times are strange and so we need to respect social distancing rules where necessary, but this is an opportunity to gather in heartspace community and celebrate the aliveness of summer and the fruits of this magical time of year.

This is a fundraiser for charity, a giveaway, so please bring £10 for this or less/more/what you can afford. Half will go to the Pachamama Alliance/Black Lives Matter Campaign and half will go to Birdsong Garden towards their projects.

Please arrive at 6.30 for our body-prayer celebration to begin at 6.45, and at 8.30 we’ll share snacks (please bring food) and perhaps a song or two as well.

So looking forward to being with you lovely Jersey dancing community.

Weather is looking good! Bring shoes to dance in if you need, as the ground is wild and may not be comfortable on barefeet.

Everyone welcome.

Love Maria