Bilingual Baby

Suki is not yet 2 and a half and already makes perfect sentences in both English and Spanish.

She delights often in saying words in Spanish to me and then bursting into a dry laughter at my confused face as she proclaims ‘is that Spanish??’ Her sense of humour is incredibly cheeky and trickster like!

She loves playdough, our current favourite is making food and pretending to eat it and her favourite music is a cute cartoon monkey mother and child called ‘Tee and Mo’ that ding songs about tidying up and loving each other. Just too sweet.

She loves to dance and everyday she tells me about all the people she feels shy of. Constantly disclosing her sweet vulnerabilities in such an open hearted way that only a trusting, unshame-bombed child would do. We talk a lot about what makes her happy and sad and she is already pretty emotionally literate.

Today we had such fun having some rough play this morning. It’s such a bonding thing to do with her and leaves her shining with endorphins for the rest of the day. After that we walked slowly up to the nearby dolmen from our house for some games of hide and seek. She keeps me forever young.