Body & Breath Magic

During this 2 hour journey we will spend half the time diving into the invigorating potential of Conscious, Ecstatic Movement, and the rest of the time absorbing deeply in a Quantum Light Breath Meditation to assist our awakening processes.

Conscious Movement and Ecstatic Dance is an innate ability that we can all tap into. It is a creative and enlivening process that brings us fully into the moment and away from the limiting confines of our minds. For a while we really hear the wisdom in the body, go back to our indigenous roots, find our sense of belonging and our capacity for authentic living in a sacred and welcoming space. When practiced regularly, followers usually find this meditation in movement to be empowering, awakening and confidence boosting.

The Quantum Light Breath is a breathing meditation process that accelerates personal transformation by releasing withheld feelings and revealing unconscious programs. It is designed to take participants into an expanded state of consciousness and ultimately into blissful embodiment. Here, Universal Love is experienced as a natural reality, not as an unreachable concept, where there is a deep connection to the Universal Intelligence. Quantum Light Breath participants often describe “Satori,” or awakening experiences during the practice. This meditation, that we will be guided through via a CD recording, creates space for personal exploration, emotional release without engaging in “story,” personal transformation and group connection. Using deeply effective guidance, we dive into the healing power of the breath, grounded by the magical sounds of the didgeridoo and toning, as well as flute, harmonium, Tibetan bells and bowls, drums, and channeled melody. We’ll re-connect with our bodies and each other through spontaneous movement and authentic personal sharing.

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Both processes will be fully facilitated. Please come with an empty stomach, a blanket and water.

After the process we will share some light food.

Facilitated by Maria. All are welcome – newcomers included.

Tel: 07797 832400

Time: 7-9pm Cost: £8


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