Conscious Dance Reviews




It is always lovely to fall into the open soft space with Maria”

T Foran


“I was touched by your presence and by the gentle but powerful container that you held us in … the naturalness with which you held yourself and shared that love and humour with us..”
Cath Brown


“So deeply grateful for every one of you at the dance last night, it was wonderful and magical. Thank you so much Maria for bringing this community together and to the Cacao for helping to keep our vibrations soaring high”



“I feel so ‘cleared out’ – almost like a new person, inside! I felt like we had all been given a gift by you.”
Eleanor O’Callaghan-Mazidian


It was a truly uplifting and incredibly FREE-ING experience.

Alex Dessain


It was wonderful to be able to dance freely with the calming atmosphere you had created,
Terina Le Couillard


Thank you SO much for the space created……for us to simply BE ourselves in movement…….

Ralette Le Roux Chevalier


What a wonderful dance, excellent music and beautiful people.

Sally Poole


Thank you so much for holding such a sacred space….it was fascinating, magical and powerful.

Johann Liffey


Loved the energy and lovely souls all dancing alongside each other

Nikki Grierson


Amazing, amazing. I loved every minute of it!

Kinga Gutkowska


Loved this! Thank you so much

Corrine Davey