Conscious Dance Testimonials

Just to say a BIG thank you for having me at the full moon dance. It was a truly uplifting and incredibly FREE-ING experience. It was great to be surrounded by such open and positive people.

Alex Dessain


Thank you for a lovely relaxing evening last Friday, it was wonderful to be able to dance freely with the calming atmosphere you had created.

Terina Le Couillard


I have been on such a journey and I have come so, so far and I wouldn’t have been able to have done this without your support and the many beautiful dances and workshops you have lovingly arranged. I am also very blessed  to know so many beautiful souls that have helped and supported me along the way too.A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to you for all that you do.With much love and gratitude to you.

Karina Bisson


Thank you SO much for the space created……for us to simply BE ourselves in movement…….thoroughly enjoyed my first dance and would love to join you for the next opportunity. Namaste.

Ralette Le Roux Chevalier


What a wonderful dance this evening, excellent music and beautiful people. Thank you Maria, you’re a star.

Sally Poole


Thank you so much for holding such a sacred space and allowing us to connect with ourselves and each other….it was fascinating, magical and powerful. It was very special. Johann Liffey


Such a good dance….loved the energy and lovely souls all dancing alongside eachother, special thing :o) x thank you maria for creating this space,

Nikki Grierson


Amazing, amazing dance tonight.. I loved every minute of it! Thank you! :))

Kinga Gutkowska


Loved this! Thank you so much

Corrine Davey


Wonderful evening on Friday, thank you.

Sarah Howard


Thank you for having me taking part of such a magical group. Love peace and tranquillity,

David Bras