DIY Natural Body Product Workshop

There’s absolutely no reason to still be using nasty chemicals on ourselves and in our environment anymore. The word is out and we know the damage they do to us and our planet.

Join Maria, Liz and Ashley and let’s get down with some of mumma nature’s best ingredients and create body product heaven in the kitchen together!!

Learn some beautiful new skills  as you only have to make these once and then you can create more and more, again and again, never having to settle for ‘less than’ again.

We will make the following lovely products together:

  • Shea Butter and Lavender Sunscreen SPF20
  • Cocoa Orange or Cocoa Mint Lip Balm
  • Beautifying Skin Toner or Pillow Spray/Rejuvenating Spray
  • Dry hair Shampoo or Tailored Therapeutic Rollerball
  • Healing and Nourishing Body Butter or Cellulite Reducing/Circulation Boost Cream

If you are vegan, please advise upon booking as we will prepare some candelia wax for you instead of the beeswax.

We will lace our products with the purest doTERRA essential oils and end up with products better than you can by in the shops! You will take them all home with you in lovely containers. I’ll briefly share with you how doTERRA are the purest oils on the planet and the benefits of using them regularly in your lives.

The investment for this workshop is £55

First Stage Early bird reduction price of £44 is available until 12th June

Second Stage Early bird price of £49 is available from 12th June until 21st June

To secure your space, please pay through the link.

Venue: Home Economic Dept in JCG
Date: Weds 26th June
Time: 18.30-21.30


“The DIY Body Products workshop was brilliant. We got to make so many products, I especially liked the sun cream, so easy, it feels lovely on my skin and it works! Maria had lots of options of things to make and created a lovely space to work in. I learnt a lot during the workshop and would definitely recommend!” Denise McGowan
“Amazing night with Maria and Spider-Man creating wonderful treats for the body for the whole family. Such good value for money that I felt I was getting too good a bargain after the session.” Rena Nelson
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