Food and Life Empowerment Plan

“Since coming to Maria, I have gone down 2 dress sizes to a size 8 and my skin, which was once very spotty is clear. I am so much happier now I know which foods I need more of and which I need less of. I feel in control and confident about this way of eating which has now become a lifestyle rather than a diet.”  Dannii Seymour.

A Revolutionary Programme
Developed by Maria Barnicoat at Earth Beauty, this 3 month programme works to harmonise your body and bring you to your optimum health and well-being. Our bodies are programmed to be well and robust. Once we take away any aggravating internal or external factors, we allow our health to excel and our bodies to be vibrant.

What does it consist of?

Taking into account your current state of imbalance, a unique programme is put together for you which consists of four different philosophies and breakthroughs in the world of nutrition and self-healing.

• Ayurvedic Profile
Used in India for 5000+ years and meaning ‘the Science of Life’, your unique personal Ayurvedic profile is determined. This gives great insight into the fundamental elements in your body. The elements are found in everything: food, lifestyle, tendencies etc. By knowing our individual profile and also in knowing that like increases like, we are better able to harmonize the body’s fine balance of its own elements, live in synthesis with them … and decrease the likelihood of dis-ease in each individual.

• Your Blood Type
Discovered and developed by Dr Peter J D’Adamo. According to the blood type diet method each blood type is unique in its ability to interact with protein molecules (lectins) found in more than 1000 types of food. Depending on your blood type, your body could react positively, or negatively, to certain foods containing these proteins. Your blood type (if not known already) is determined at Earth Beauty, to add to your unique profile. There are 4 different blood types: Type A, Type B, Type O, and Type AB. All human beings belong to one of these 4 blood groups and, according to D’Adamo, are susceptible to different diseases. This means that we should eat different foods and even exercise in a different manner for optimal health. Even on its own, the blood type diet has proves successful for thousands of people in maintaining correct weight and wellness in the body.

• Food Intolerances
Weight problems, IBS symptoms, Skin Problems and Acne, Headaches, Chronic Sinus Problems, Chronic Fatigue …. These can all be linked to having food intolerances. Over 45% of the population are now considered to have food intolerances which have developed as a result of stress and/or poor digestion. A test is taken at Earth Beauty which tests 59 of the most common foods. The test is the most accurate available on the market and tests your igG reaction in the blood. The results are incorporated into the Programme so that any intolerances found can be effectively reduced by elimination of the intolerances over a period of time and then a careful process of re-introduction.

• Inner Creative Intelligence
By tapping into this, we have the potential to transform our health and well-being. This part of the programme is tailored very specifically for your needs and requirements and looks into core beliefs and our own individuality, as well as using visualization and relaxation techniques..

The entire 3 month Food and Life Empowerment Programme costs £130 and includes any follow up phonecalls and questions you may have.

Two appointments are required. One lasting 40 minutes and the other lasting for 1 hour and 30mins.

Food intolerance test kits are also available at Earth Beauty – prices start at £55 for a 59 different foods test to take home and do yourself or £70 to be tested by Maria