Full Moon Cacao Ceremony


(Please note if the weather is good we will be holding this in a north easterly outdoor location to be confirmed 24 hours before our event)

Dear friends
You are invited to join us for a rich ceremonial journey with the sacred plant medicine, cacao.

Cacao adapts to the needs of each person and helps them to connect and feel openness in their heart. She offers a deep journey of healing our pathway to love and brings immense clarity of mind and profound insights.

She is said to reveal patterns, cultivate self-love, increase consciousness and support us in our path and personal growth.

In Western culture we’re not used to see plants as sacred, work with their spirit or allocate them certain powers. There is a lot we can learn from plants and knowledge from native culture. We are blessed that cacao is now being used as a medicine for connection and restoring our true humanity in the west.

What to expect?

We will begin within 10 minutes of arrival time (please arrive at 6:15 to have plenty of time to settle) and we will officially open and set our sacred container. The middle part of the ceremony is a shared group experience with cacao and a guided ecstatic dance body-prayer. We will end with a closing where we give thanks, and acknowledge what the group created during our time.

What to bring?

Please bring many warm layers. Especially if we will be outside, the temperature drops a lot once the sun goes down. Also bring a blanket and water and some food to share at the end of the journey. Bring a camp chair if you do not wish to sit on the ground.

How to prepare?

It is really helpful for the ceremony if you lightly fast during the day and avoid alcohol, caffeine, meats and dairy for 24 hours before.

Outside venue

If the weather is good the ceremony will be held in an outdoor location on the North East of the island. All participants will be notified 24 hours in advance if this is the case.


Its best to consult your physician before booking a ticket if you are : Taking Antidepressants, taking hypertension medication, if you are Pregnant (it is likely still safe to consume ceremonial cacao but at lower doses) and if you have a heart condition.