Guilt-Less Raw Chocolate

As I was eating a heart-shaped piece of Kali-Ma yesterday


I was filled with a gratitude for something that tastes so so good also being so beneficial.  Eating it made me happy! I then thought it would be good to remind myself WHY WHY WHY is raw chocolate the way to go and why is it better than mass produced ordinary chocolate.   The chocolate we usually eat is roasted – neutered of its nutritional powers. Raw chocolate is nutritionally “intact”. One  chemical found in abundance in raw chocolate is tryptophan, a neurotransmitter which creates serotonin, the feel-good chemical that courses through our blood.  We think of serotonin as being a brain  chemical, but 80% is produced in the gut.   Raw cacao is the number one food-based antioxidant  – much higher than blueberries or strawberries (oxidation  is what naturally happens to cells, and over time this wears out your body, and contributes to disease.  There is strong evidence that  consuming anti-oxidants helps to control this.) Dark chocolate has gotten a lot of attention as a “health” food in past years, but raw dark chocolate is in another league.

And did I mention how delicious it is?? It is rich but retains a creamy sweetness that makes it unique. Kali-Ma is sweetened with Coconut Palm Nectar and contains no dairy products.  It is indeed vegan, raw and organic. You can find it in The Chocolate Shop in Conway Street, in Health Essentials in New Street, in Curiosity Coffee Shop and in Bay Stores in First Tower.

Bags start at around £4.50 and boxes are around £11.50. Click here for more information on Kali-Ma.

Enjoy  ❤