Outdoor Chakra Alchemy Ecstatic Dance

A gathering to bathe in the healing alchemy of chakra consciousness and connection through our dance and presence.

Thursday 30th July
18.45 to 20.45 at SCOOP
Times are strange and so we need to respect social distancing rules where necessary, but this is an opportunity to gather in heartspace community and alchemical chakra magic.
This exhilarating and wholesome journey offers you the opportunity to:
1/ Develop your own inner healer/shaman and create a deeper listening relationship to the sacredness in your body.
2/ Unlock deep blocks and tension, with the possibility of experiencing awakenings and transformations in the body and psyche.
3/ Experience a meditative practice for your peace and wellbeing
Get some amazing and exhilarating exercise through dance (the best kind of exercise!).
4/ Feel supported in like-minded and like-hearted growing conscious community.
Once we move and open up to softening and releasing, each Chakra and connecting body parts offer us the potential for renewal and transformation. Taking this journey in nature makes it even more powerful.
Weather is looking good! Bring shoes to dance in, in case you need.
Cost: Sliding Scale – £10/£15/£20 depending on earnings. Contact me if paying anything is an issue.
Everyone welcome.
Love Maria
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