Seiki, Healing through Resonance – Weekend Workshop

Weekend Workshop at ‘The Bridge Family Centre’

St.Saviour, JERSEY – with Daniela Coronelli MRSS(T)

27th-28th October 2012 (10:00am-5:00pm)



● A clear and effective way to develop inner awareness and sensitivity as to how to sustain health

● A practice that invests in you and trains you to discover how your body-mind has a natural capacity to move towards harmony and balance. A transformative life skill of your own

● A method of Self-healing that can also be integrated in your health practice.

If so, then this Seiki workshop is for you!

During this weekend, you will be invited to explore:

● Working with, and developing, Ki sensitivity, through practices of breathing, abdomen centred exercises and presence

● Spontaneous and structured movement and sound, to explore how, given a safe environment and an attitude of mindfulness, the body is able to move fixed, sickness-creating, habits into healthier ways of being

● Bodywork, where the practitioner is demonstrated how to enter resonance with the receiver, and to receive guidance as to where in the body the contact will be most welcome, for activating change and balance.

All with an interest and an open mind are welcome …

For shiatsushi and other bodywork practitioners, it counts towards CPD


Seiki is a Ki-therapy, rooted in the Shiatsu tradition, founded by the Zen Shiatsu master, Akinobu Kishi, in 1980. It has gained international popularity thanks to its effectiveness in demonstrating the human process of healing – for each one differently, yet universal in nature

Daniela Coronelli MRSS(T)

Having trained in Seiki with Akinobu Kishi for many years, in Japan and Europe, Daniela is passionate about the transformative effect Seiki has had in her life, and in her Shiatsu & Seiki Health Practice in Totnes, Devon. She is an experienced Shiatsu and Amerta Movement teacher, and uses a good mix of structured and unstructured activities in her workshops

Cost: £110 (or £90 – if paid by 5thOctober 2012)

Advance Booking Essential

Contact: Maria:

telephone: 07797 832400/ 01534 722768


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