SOUL Movement is Here!!








I’m very excited to announce that our dance classes are back … and with a new name and new hall.

Once a month, on a Friday at 6:30-8:15pm, at First Tower School, St Helier, Jersey, you are invited to Soul Movement.  For those that came to the Bare Feet Dance Classes – this is the same class, same facilitator but with a fresh name and peacock emblem to inspire openess, integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colours.

This monthly movement class is a free-form movement /dance inspired by music, allowing our bodies to move freely without judgment or concern ‘for the “grace” or beauty of the dance.  It’s an inner/outer journey of moving meditation and develops a direct body-mind-spirit connection, letting your body and inner guide be your teachers and healers.

In this dance, we learn to cultivate presence with our own energy and, upon discovering our own dance within, we use the movement that comes and the energetic experience to release stuck patterns in our body, emotions, mind and spirit.

This is an empowering practice.  When we learn to really trust our body and the wisdom that moves through the LIFE in our bodies – not just in this class but in all aspects of our life – we see that all of  life is a dance and we become empowered to live from a place of truth and soul integrity.

No dance experience or partner is necessary. It’s a perfect outlet for those who think they “can’t dance” and for experienced dancers alike. It is free-form, not a structured dance. It is also not a social dance. It is an environment without observers or conversation, where you can feel safe to try new things and push your comfort zone. It is facilitated with invitations from myself to explore movement with specific areas of the body and to explore larger themes as a whole through your movement. Much of the time it is an open dance floor for you to explore different rhythms, patterns of movement and your inner journey.

There is much evidence to suggest that creative movement and dance is a key ingredient in a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.  These classes are extremely encouraging, non-judgmental, well facilitated and the soft and subdued environment supports each individual. All walks of life are welcomed, and whilst there is no religious aspect connected to the dance, they do support our spiritual journey in life, whatever inclination or beliefs that we may each sway to.

We feel stuck, depressed, held back, and frustrated when our energy is not flowing freely, SOUL MOVEMENT unlocks these restrictions and opens us up to the possibilities of discovering and allowing our true creative, joyful nature to emerge.

The classes are facilitated by Maria Barnicoat, and long term SOUL MOVERS often proclaim that these sessions have proved life changing for them. I invite you to try this exciting form of movement for yourself and see why dance has been an intrinsic part of our expression since time began.


“We dance to unite all of our senses into a healing art
We dance to create community, joy and strength and to let go of tension
and unease through our bodies
We dance to empower ourselves and the great web of life
Come and dance with us”

Classes cost £10 or £8 for concessions.  If you cannot afford this class but want to come, please contact Maria.

FIRST CLASS: FRIDAY 9th AUGUST 6:30 – 8:15pm

Maria x