Soul Motion Movement and Dance workshops 14th – 16th October

14th October 18:30

16th October 18:00

Venue: The Bridge Family Centre, Le Geyt Road, St Saviour, Jersey

SOULMOTION – designed by Vinn Marti is as much an invitation to dance as a way to engage with life. Through the wordless enquiry of rising and falling, revolution and rotation, weight shifting and shapeshifting, dancers go deeply into contact with self, to awaken enveloped in communion. The permission to relax and rejoice in community invites a shift from ALONE to ALL ONE, from “my dance” to the ONE DANCE.

Soulmotion event in jersey in October learn more about this event on facebook

Soulmotion website




One Response to “Soul Motion Movement and Dance workshops 14th – 16th October”

  1. Michelle Glover

    I am interested in attending Soul Motion weekend workshop.I would be coming from England.Could you give some accomadation possibilities so I can see if it is feasable.I have done several workshops with Susannah and Yachov plus Five rthymns.I am hoping this maybe something simlar?

    Is train a possibility or would air be better if not for environemnt getting me there?

    Look forward to hearing from you

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