Swap your skills!!

skill swapI know we need a certain amount of the paper money to pay our rents/mortgages etc but over the last couple of years I’ve massively enjoyed swapping skills with others, usually time for time instead of money.  It really works for me, but there’s one thing that you have to overcome – you have to be willing to ask the other person you are approaching if they’d be up for swapping energy rather than money.  They might say no but who cares, at least you tried and if they say yes then its a great feeling.  It works better with individuals rather than huge business empires and is also a great way to connect with another creatively.  There’s a feel good factor that comes from knowing you can get by without relying always on money.

I’ve swapped treatments for treatment, treatments for carpentry work, raw chocolate for software, astrology chart readings for treatments. The things I swap are all connected to my work but they don’t have to be.  I’ve probably swapped much more too that I can’t think of now.  Its a great habit to get into especially in these weird economically changing times.

If you use facebook – a local group JiT Skill Swap is a great thing to join. Once you state your skills to the group, you get added to the ‘Swapping Doc’ that anyone in the group can access.

Don’t be shy, be proud of your skills, let yourself shine and share them out

Maria x