Thai Acupressure Reflexology Offer

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Its been exciting to return back to work again after having 2 months in Thailand and I’d like to give you all a massive discount so that you can try an exciting new treatment I am offering! Thai Acupressure Reflexology.

Usually £28 for 30mins
The price has been reduced to: JUST £18
This deeply relaxing and very effective form of reflexology uses thai and acupressure techniques to bring about a reharmonising and rebalancing treatment in just 30minutes. Working directly on energy channels to free blockages and stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.  Perfect for lunch hours and when there isn’t so much time – you can be in and out of Earth Beauty’s studio within 45mins.
Reflexology has been shown to be effective with: headaches, stress, insomnia, back problems, infertility issues, digestive problems, fatigue and allergies.
Book a treatment with me today and see how beneficial this treatment can be for you.
OFFER ENDS 21st April and is subject to available appointments.
Tel: 744022 or 07797 832400

4 Responses to “Thai Acupressure Reflexology Offer”

  1. Maria

    Yes that’s fine – I can extend it especially as it is her birthday! Do you live on the island? If so do you want to pop by my studio next week and I can give you a voucher otherwise I can email it to you and you can do a direct bank transfer or you can paypal. Let me know whats good x

  2. Charley

    I’m looking at buying my step mum this offer for her birthday, however I was wondering if I could buy two back to back sessions so she has two half an hour sessions of it? Also will the deal still be available in July if I purchase it now as her birthday is end of June, thanks 🙂

  3. Maria

    Hi Judith, I have sent you an email now 🙂 looking forward to having you in! Maria

  4. Judith Scott

    Do you have any vacancies for your new technic Friday or next week some time. I am retired so I can fit in most times

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