The Cosmos In Me

This is an opportunity to work with me through the stars and planets in the cosmos IN PERSON IN JERSEY!!

And in much smaller group than I usually hold!

Also, until Friday 19th July it is being offered at a greatly reduced price!


Understanding and yielding my uniqueness through the codes in my astrological natal chart gave me incredible insight, and helped guide the course and flavour of my life from very early on and I want to give you the opportunity to reap the benefits of your uniqueness too, no matter how old or young you are.

This is fundemental and universal knowledge for life.

THE COSMOS IN ME is an exploratory, reflective, interactive, playful, fascinating and empowering journey into the recesses of your psyche, and a journey which aims to bring transformation in your relationships, family, career and all the aspects of life that you are calling it in.


What Potential Lies in Your Astrological Birth Chart?

Your relationship dynamics to your whole self lies in the wheel of your birth chart. Through reading and understanding your chart, together we will unravel:

  • The pathway and portal to your purpose on Earth.
  • Fully knowing your SELF and bringing play, celebration into who you are.
  • Understanding and embodying your feminine receptive/intuitive nature and innate needs for regeneration.
  • The potential within your mental realm, your communication and how to reap the best from it.
  • Your pathway to yield abundance and claim life’s bounty.
  • Your relationship karma and how to feel more empowered in the relationship you are in or call in the right partner for you
  • Your deepest wounds, strongest karmic lessons and how you can transform them to reap their power.
  • Your raw masculine assertive power and how to claim it fully in a way that aligns to better life on earth.
  • The endeavours that will help you personally to expand and flourish the most.
  • Understanding how future transits of the planets will influence/change your mood/energy/lifestyle.

This course will be solely taught by myself.

I’ve studied astrology in-depth since I was in my early twenties. I self studied through many books and had a personal astrology tutor who lived in Jersey. Since then I have consulted many professional astrologers and gained an even broader understanding of the planets and own relationship to them. My most resonant influence has been ‘Astropsychology’ a term coined by Carl Jung in the school of Analytical Psychology, and also sometimes referred to as Humanistic Astrology. This incorporates understanding and support from the greek god planetary archetypes as well as the main collective unconscious psychological archetypes, which form a common foundation for the experiences of all human beings.


This course is for you if you ….

  • Are wanting to reap, celebrate and embody your innate gifts for the benefit of all beings.
  • Are ready to uncover and transform the hidden power within the deepest wounds and challenges your life brings you, and integrate the empowered blueprint of your chart’s potential into your life.
  • Want to clear stuckness/depressive energy and immerse in an embodied flow that happens when tapped into your authentic needs.
  • Have a curiosity for understanding the universal connections and mythic realm within the fabric of the cosmos, and the links therein to your psyche.

What you will receive when you sign up

  • A copy of own unique astrological natal chart wheel 2 weeks before the start of the course.
  • A 75 minute astro-coaching birthing call with me.
  • A place in an intimate closed group of 8 participants, taking part in 12 (2.75 hour) tutoring meetups transitting through 12 portals or stages of initiation. 6.30pm til 9.15pm over a 6 month period.
  • A full day nourishing astro-retreat in a special location. All food/refeshments included.
  • A committed support group to reflect your processing.

The dates are:

Tuesday 17th September

Tuesday 1st October

Tuesday 15th October

Tuesday 29th October

Tuesday 12th November

Tuesday 26th November

Tuesday 10th December

Tuesday 7th January

Saturday 10th January ALL DAY 10am til 5pm

Tuesday 14th January

Tuesday 28th January

Tuesday 11th February

Tuesday 25th February


What you need to sign up:

You will need to know your time/date/place of your birth.

A thirst for transformation, new knowledge and an openess to work in a small group.

An investment of £1111



Book the course by end of Friday 19th July and pay just £888 (20% off)

Pre pay payment PLAN available: £333 x 3 available until Friday 19th July too.



Bank Details to send PAYMENT:

Miss Maria L Barnicoat





I look forward to hearing from you.

Got questions? Call me on 07797832400.

Love Maria