Transforming the Menopause Stigma

Transforming the Menopause Stigma

With Melanie Wartho

This workshop is open to women of all ages and will deal specifically with our time before, during and after menopause.

The menopause, like menstruation, is seen as a burden, something that we shouldn’t discuss except in negative and unhealthy terms.

The intention of this workshop is to dispel the myths surrounding menopause and to help us to find the immensity of the new powers as healers and grandmothers that we have access to, when we know how to find it.

Too many times have we heard comments from women about their fear of the menopause before they have it along with women who see the menopause as a bad thing and therefore relate to any symptoms they may have as purely difficult, and those women who believe that now they are menopausal, or that when the menopause comes, their life has no meaning and that they are barren and therefore worthless with a life that will be empty.

Now is the time to relearn the positive truths about ourselves as menopausal and post menopausal women.

This workshop is specifically for you if you recognise any of the above feelings either in yourself or someone close.

DATE: Weds 7th November and Weds 14th November

TIME: 7pm til 9.30pm

VENUE: Windyridge House, First Tower, St Helier, JE2 3HR – Parking is limited, please contact for car sharing or check facebook page

COST: £20 per night or £35 for both events in the series


About Melanie Wartho:
Mel has been living and working in South America for 23 years, during this time she has travelled extensively in Argentina, lived in Bolivia, travelled through Central America and lived in Ecuador and ultimately Peru. It is during her time in Ecuador that she first chose to work closely with local Shamen and healers for her own personal healing, as she progressed she began to facilitate the healing of others and learn more about the old traditions and the wisdom of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. She has been working with native healers and shamen now for 13 years. She embarked upon a Vision Quest following the tradition of the Lakota people and has also completed 4 years of Sundance, she has studied with a Shuar healer in the jungle of Ecuador, and ultimately has spent 2 years working with and learning from Shamen in the jungle of Peru. She brings with her a lot of the knowledge and wisdom of the people who are still very connected to nature, working with plant medicines and listening to what nature has to tell us.