Awakening the Dreamer

The Purpose of the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium is to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling presence on earth. And the aim is that by the end of the symposium you will see this as an achievable goal.

Created by ‘The Pachamama Alliance’ in 1995, Maria discovered this amazing work in Totnes when she attended a symposium given by Susannah Darling Khan and Chris Salisbury. A year later she was training to also become a facilitator so that she could spread this good work and help awaken humanity to our current crises, whilst as the same time facilitating a process in people that really engages them and enable them to find their own true and active response.


Through dynamic group interactions, leading edge information, and inspiring multimedia, participants of this half-day event are inspired to reconnect with their deep concern for our world, and are empowered to make a difference.

Designed with the collaboration of some of the finest scientific, indigenous and activist minds in the world, the Symposium explores the current state of our planet from a new perspective, and connects participants with a powerful global movement to reclaim our future.

It is an exploration of four questions:

• Where Are We?
An examination of the state of environmental, social and personal well-being

• How did We Get Here?
Tracing the root causes that lead to our current imbalance

• What’s Possible for the Future?
Discovering new ways of relating with each other, with the Earth and looking at the emerging Movement for change

• Where Do We Go from Here?
Considering the stand we want to be in the world and our personal and collective impact

If you are ready to be disturbed, inspired and moved to action, and to be introduced to a thriving community of committed cohorts, lets explore the most critical concerns of our times, and discover new opportunities to make a real difference in accelerating the emergence of an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence on this planet!

Bringing a Symposium to your community can awaken and inspire those around you to find their unique contribution to creating a sustainable, fulfilling and just world on a local and global level.

 Host a Symposium

The Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream Symposium can be a powerful tool for you to use as an agent of change. You can be a part of making Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream Symposiums happen in your community and around the world.

You can bring an Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream Symposium to a group or organisation or host a Symposium in your living room for neighbours and friends. If you contact me, we can arrange a time and place to hold the symposium.



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