Earth Beauty is closed UNTIL MARCH 10th

Because I need some sunshine, because I need some rest, because I need warmth and beautiful scenery, because I want to do some more experiential studies.  It seems that Thailand is offering all the above so I shall be there until the early spring.  Do email me if you need to get in contact as […]

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Opening into Rhythm

“Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.” – Maya Angelou One of the most wonderful gifts we can give ourselves this year is to choose to live a life of full expression, heart connection and truth.  Opening ourselves up to rhythm, the rhythm that is always present in ourselves and all of life brings […]

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SisterMoon Full Moon Dance for Women

The third of a series of 3 special dances in honour of the goddess archetypes in all of us women.  It doesn’t matter if you missed the first two, just don’t miss this last one ♥ With it being so close to the solstice, we will also honour this dark time of year too. In […]

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Soul Movement Winter Dream Dance for All

  Everyone is invited to join us for our Winter Dream Dance, to dance deep into the recesses of our beings, acknowledge where we have come from this year, to honour our efforts and to call together our dreams at this dark time of the year, for the new year to come.    Feels really […]

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Soul Movement Sister Moon Full Moon Dance for Women

After a very beautiful first women’s only full moon dance earlier this month, here is the second one in a series of three for 2013. In ancient times, women were acknowledged to be earthly manifestations of the goddess, or the divine feminine.  Women embraced their wild natures, their sensuality and their potential for all encompassing […]

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Womens Full Moon Dance

“Once upon a time, in the sacred societies and temples of the ancient world, women were respected and revered as the living embodiment of their divine role model, the Great Goddess. Their bodies were seen as sacred alchemical vessels of creation and transformation, as radiant temples of Divinity filled with the vital healing and transformative […]

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Soul Movement Dance Class

Looking forward very much to seeing you all on the dance floor in our lovely hall in First Tower School. No experience necessary – everyone welcome!!

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Soulful Movement

Movement encourages transformation, relaxes the body, frees up stuck energy and stuck energetic patterns and energises the body.  Friday’s dance session was filled with authentic movement and was a fusion of amazing beings finding their feet, kicking out old energy and peeling back the layers of the daily armour to reach the soft rich potential of human nature in […]

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“Open to Life” 5Rhythms Workshop

TO SECURE BOOKING If before 1st October 2013 (to get early bird price) for all weekend or just Saturday and Sunday please write cheque to ‘Earth Beauty’ for £30 deposit- with name/details, with terms of outstanding amount to be paid in full by 30th October 2013.  Please send cheque to Earth Beauty, 12 Conway Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 […]

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An Amazing Weekend of Lucid Dreaming!

I’m so happy to have been lucky enough to stumble across Charlie Morley. It has been SUCH a pleasure to have him back over on Jersey soil to teach again. He has a very unique, open approach to teaching and makes learning about lucid dreaming such a fun and exciting experience. A lucid dream is […]

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