Let Your Wild Woman Rise

Today is Beltaine! Day of fertility, new life, adorning the feminine, attracting new lovers and renewing our current loves, celebrations of warm long days.  I spent much of the day reflecting. It didn’t occur to me earlier, whilst reflecting that it was actually Beltaine but my thoughts were very much with fertility today. Why? Perhaps because […]

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Infrared Addition to Earth Beauty

I’m excited to announce that I am now using infrared technology alongside bodywork treatments and organic facials! What is this all about?? Infrared Heat Thermal infrared heat rays are the same type of heat the sun emits. Infrared light, which is invisible, can be felt as warmth entering your body. The rays increase the surface […]

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Try 80% Alkalising and 20% Acidifying in Your Diet!

Use this chart and follow the 80/20 rule for a month and see how you feel! Follow it for longer and you may see reductions in many symptoms of ill health and inflammation!

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Top to Toe Rejuvenation Offer!

Don’t miss this amazing offer – appointments already booking up!!

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Seiki, Healing through Resonance – Weekend Workshop

Weekend Workshop at ‘The Bridge Family Centre’ St.Saviour, JERSEY – with Daniela Coronelli MRSS(T) 27th-28th October 2012 (10:00am-5:00pm)   WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE ACCESS TO: ● A clear and effective way to develop inner awareness and sensitivity as to how to sustain health ● A practice that invests in you and trains you to […]

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