Winter Solstice Sweat Lodge with Melanie Wartho

During solstice we are in transition, moving from the darkest time into the time of more light.

Entering the sweat lodge at this time will help us to make this transition with more ease, as in the lodge we are shedding what is no longer needed in our lives and gaining insight into the best that we can do in the future. We are leaving behind the old and creating a space for the new to come flooding in. Join us in celebration of this time and welcome all the best in with love!

During this ceremony, we separate for a time from the physical world and go within ourselves to be able to see with clarity what needs to be healed or resolved and pray for guidance from the ancient grandmothers and grandfathers who have walked the Earth before us. We allow ourselves to connect directly with their wisdom and the original memory that resides within us all.

Everyone is welcome. 


Date: Sunday 23rd December 2018

Time: 13.15 til 16.30

Bring: women – a loose fitting dress, men – shorts for inside the lodge, water or hot tea for drinking before and after, warm clothes for after the lodge and willingness to let go and receive our mothers blessings

Where: Behind the Steam Museum in Trinity. Full directions will be sent after booking.

Cost: £25

Concessions Available. Please contact translatemontanita@gmail.com


For more information see facebook group “Sacred Sweat Lodge (Temazcal)”



Working with the Power of our Menstrual Cycle


An honest conversation about being in harmony with our menstrual cycle and how we can harness the energy of our menstruation or Moon time to work with it and add power and benefit to our lives and the planet.

Change your relationship to how you see your cycle and learn what this sacred time has to offer us. Held by Melanie Wartho, this event is for all women who would like to discover or learn more about how positive and truly powerful our menstruation is.
Date: 10th and 17th December. Come for one or both as they will have different material.
Cost: £20 or £35 for both events
Venue: 6 Gorey Pier, St Martin (plenty of parking)
Time: 7pm til 9.30pm
About Melanie Wartho:
Mel has been living and working in South America for 23 years, during this time she has travelled extensively in Argentina, lived in Bolivia, travelled through Central America and lived in Ecuador and ultimately Peru. It is during her time in Ecuador that she first chose to work closely with local Shamen and healers for her own personal healing, as she progressed she began to facilitate the healing of others and learn more about the old traditions and the wisdom of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. She has been working with native healers and shamen now for 13 years. She embarked upon a Vision Quest following the tradition of the Lakota people and has also completed 4 years of Sundance, she has studied with a Shuar healer in the jungle of Ecuador, and ultimately has spent 2 years working with and learning from Shamen in the jungle of Peru. She brings with her a lot of the knowledge and wisdom of the people who are still very connected to nature, working with plant medicines and listening to what nature has to tell us.
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Body Heart & Soul Nourishment

Our gathering is an invaluable immersion into peace and wellbeing after a busy week.

The combination of PRESSURE POINT massage and ESSENTIAL OILS can deeply relax and recalibrate our whole system. You’ll get to experience how to create some inner peace for yourself with simple tools, and release healing endorphins through:

* learning how to give a simple but very effective massage on the hands using reflexology points.

* learning how to use essential oils for maximum serenity and soothing effect

* taking part in a simple mindfulness exercise to halt all cortisone production and return back to a truer version of you.

And then follow it on with having a fabulous weekend in a positive state of mind.

doTERRA is a bit of a buzz word at the moment and it could be easy to underestimate the purity and quality they represent. If you’ve never had the chance to experience or learn a bit more about them, this is a wonderful opportunity!

Hosted by 2 passionate women in the health industry: Maria Barnicoat and Liz Sheehan.

Maria is an Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist and Reflexologist with over 20 years experience in the wellness industry. www.earth-beauty.com

Liz is a Nutritional Therapist, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and soon to be qualified Naturopath.

Both women are passionate about empowering and resourcing others to good health and optimum well-being.

Location is Curiousity Coffee Shop in Sand Street. 5.30-7.00

Investment is £10.

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Let Your Wild Woman Rise

wildwomanToday is Beltaine! Day of fertility, new life, adorning the feminine, attracting new lovers and renewing our current loves, celebrations of warm long days.  I spent much of the day reflecting. It didn’t occur to me earlier, whilst reflecting that it was actually Beltaine but my thoughts were very much with fertility today.


Perhaps because I see many women with fertility issues.

Why do they have fertility issues?

In truth, almost 100% of the women I see are in some way blocking their feminine expression in exchange of being high fliers in their workplace.  Women in Jersey, are being carried along by the need to succeed, the need to achieve, the need to be active and to make their mark in the world with their careers.  All women I see with fertility issues are big list writers, they like to be in control, they like to have things organised, compartmentalised, so that they can keep doing more more more, to keep their lives as they are, with their flats, houses, mortgages to pay  ….

Hang on – didn’t women used to be frivolous, creative, wild, connected to nature, the moon, mothers of new life?

YES!!! We’ve lost our essence and we’re suffering physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! And so is our island.  We’re dishonouring the sacred temples of our bodies in exchange for more ticks on our lists.  Our bodies are stagnant and craving to be shaken up, stirred, pushed to our edges and filled up with life.  We’ve become half woman, half men … and we wonder why our passion is low, why we don’t feel excited … why we secretly crave to live the adorning life of Cleopatra for a day.  We long to be frivolous, we’ve forgotten how to play, how to let ourselves go and be carried away by our creative natures.

Divine feminine energy represents these aspects within the universe:
Restoration, life, renewal, creation, birth, healing, receptivity, openness, motherhood, nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, the moon, connection, harmony and sensuality. To allow the divine feminine within ourselves to surface, we need to search for these aspects within ourselves. You will find that you are more in touch with some aspects of your divine feminine nature and less in touch with others. For example, you may be fully in touch with your own sensuality but not in touch with motherhood. If this is the case, expressing the divine feminine within you, means connecting with and expressing the latent motherhood within you in your own unique way.

Reflect and Enquire.  What can I do to embrace my feminine?

Find ways to cultivate the above qualities.  Ask yourself “what makes me feel alive?”

Ask yourself “what would make my body a more fertile place for new life?”

Ask yourself “How can I be more sensual?”

Ask yourself “am I ashamed or afraid of shining in my feminine essence?” “Am I afraid I’ll be judged?”

Why would I be afraid of being judged?

Maybe because modern day Jersey society generally places your value and worth on how much you are achieving – not on WHO you are.



Ladies, pamper yourselves, get in touch with yourselves, dance, make yourselves feel feminine, get together with other ladies, commit to healing the feminine in you and give yourself all the compassion to yourself that you can when you finally feel the pain of the separation from your sacred feminine.

And then RISE and celebrate your new birth!

Infrared Addition to Earth Beauty

I’m excited to announce that I am now using infrared technology alongside bodywork treatments and organic facials!

What is this all about??

Infrared Heat

  • Thermal infrared heat rays are the same type of heat the sun emits. Infrared light, which is invisible, can be felt as warmth entering your body. The rays increase the surface temperature of the body and activate positive cellular changes. The light energy changes to thermal heat energy and promotes healing and a feeling of well-being.

Research and Development

  • Infrared light developed from LED technology made for the NASA space shuttle. The invention was originally designed for researching plant growth in space. In research studies, doctors at Milwaukee’s Medical College in Wisconsin discovered the light has the power to heal wounds and is beneficial in cancer treatment.

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Thermal heat dilates, or expands, blood vessels and increases blood circulation. This, in turn, helps facilitate the healing process. Infrared heat therapy aids in promoting greater tissue flexibility, reduces inflammation and decreases joint pain.  This type of therapy is beneficial for many ailments including, arthritis, back pain, Fibromyalgia and tendinitis. Light therapy has also been shown to generate vitamin D in the body.

Seiki, Healing through Resonance – Weekend Workshop

Weekend Workshop at ‘The Bridge Family Centre’

St.Saviour, JERSEY – with Daniela Coronelli MRSS(T)

27th-28th October 2012 (10:00am-5:00pm)



● A clear and effective way to develop inner awareness and sensitivity as to how to sustain health

● A practice that invests in you and trains you to discover how your body-mind has a natural capacity to move towards harmony and balance. A transformative life skill of your own

● A method of Self-healing that can also be integrated in your health practice.

If so, then this Seiki workshop is for you!

During this weekend, you will be invited to explore:

● Working with, and developing, Ki sensitivity, through practices of breathing, abdomen centred exercises and presence

● Spontaneous and structured movement and sound, to explore how, given a safe environment and an attitude of mindfulness, the body is able to move fixed, sickness-creating, habits into healthier ways of being

● Bodywork, where the practitioner is demonstrated how to enter resonance with the receiver, and to receive guidance as to where in the body the contact will be most welcome, for activating change and balance.

All with an interest and an open mind are welcome …

For shiatsushi and other bodywork practitioners, it counts towards CPD


Seiki is a Ki-therapy, rooted in the Shiatsu tradition, founded by the Zen Shiatsu master, Akinobu Kishi, in 1980. It has gained international popularity thanks to its effectiveness in demonstrating the human process of healing – for each one differently, yet universal in nature

Daniela Coronelli MRSS(T)

Having trained in Seiki with Akinobu Kishi for many years, in Japan and Europe, Daniela is passionate about the transformative effect Seiki has had in her life, and in her Shiatsu & Seiki Health Practice in Totnes, Devon. She is an experienced Shiatsu and Amerta Movement teacher, and uses a good mix of structured and unstructured activities in her workshops

Cost: £110 (or £90 – if paid by 5thOctober 2012)

Advance Booking Essential

Contact: Maria:


telephone: 07797 832400/ 01534 722768