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An Amazing Weekend of Lucid Dreaming!

I’m so happy to have been lucky enough to stumble across Charlie Morley. It has been SUCH a pleasure to have him back over on Jersey soil to teach again. He has a very unique, open approach to teaching and makes learning about lucid dreaming such a fun and exciting experience.

A lucid dream is a dream in which you have an ‘aha’ moment and realise you are dreaming. My lucid dreaming started many years ago. I did not understand their potential back then. Its only since last October, when I first met Charlie, that I learnt I was nestling a true goldmine inside of me all this time!! Anyone can learn to lucid dream and tap into this goldmine. It has the potential to heal us and bring us closer to our true Buddha natures when we tap in to it. It also increases our ability to bring mindful awareness into our lives. We have the ability to work with unresolved issues, past trauma, psychological archetypes and even improve certain life skills in the lucid dream!! It is a creative and sensory indulgent mystic realm of wonder!!! No wonder Charlie, who is a very accomplished Lucid Dreamer, has a refreshing child like essence to him.

Charlie was asked to spread the teachings of Lucid Dreaming by his Buddhist Teachers so that the modern world could learn to use this technique for self-growth, healing and to engage positively with the universal one-ness that resides in all of us, in our unconscious. And night time, we learn, really is the right time to dive into this place where our imaginations can serve us to reach our highest potential. Charlie has a special interest in teaching us how to integrate our shadowy side through Lucid Dreaming and has also spent a lot of time understanding nightmares and what they mean. Charlie has also released 2 CD’s and has a book coming out in September. I can’t wait to listen to the CDs and get the book!!

We had 15 people who came for the ride …. and a few that had been to the last workshop in November also returned for the ‘Going Deeper’ 2nd Day. We were blessed to have ‘The Isis Centre’ as our teaching ground for the weekend and the weather was bright, fresh and springy! Perhaps we will have him back for more in September around his book launch? And maybe a sleepover too?? Watch this space!! See charleymorley300 Charlie has also released 2 CD’s. I can’t wait to listen to the CDs and get the book!!and watch his TED talk too. Great stuff!

Dance Break

So there is a void here in Jersey right now since our last dance in December, no ecstatic dance group has been happening.  I miss it, we all miss it! The break was needed and hopefully soon I will be able to start a monthly dance group.  In the meantime, if anyone wants to start one or hold one that would be amazing! I’m also looking for support for the monthly class.  Please contact me if interested!

Moving, changing, growing …

allergy testing jersey

Well, its been a while! I watched ‘Reversing Diabetes in 30 days’ yesterday.  So wonderful!! So inspiring!! And brought lots of tears to my eyes.  You can watch it on youtube, just save 90mins and get nice and comfortable.

With each day I am becoming more and more convinced that a raw wholefood plant based diet is our true health elixir. I’m letting go of the frustrations that doctors don’t promote this or even take diet much into account and just focusing now on how I can learn more, heal even more and then serve others by helping inspire and spread this news.  I’m also considering selling Kali-Ma so that I can condense my energies and deepen into fewer pursuits.  Raw chocolate making will always be a passion of mine, but bringing it into a business takes away time and energy from things which are seeming to be more important right now.

I look forward to the next clients I have into earth beauty that are open and wanting change through their diet, and I bow to those giving it a go in the face of adverse families and little support.  There does seem to be a mass engagement with this movement though, I am lucky enough to be seeing it around me, friends, clients, and groups on facebook supporting veganism.  The news about the detriments of dairy and meat and white food products is getting out.  The educating is happening now and the question is, are we open to hearing it?

Cosmos Dancing Season Finale

A beautiful finale to our 10 week series!! Thank you all who braved our sacred space with their movement and contributed to our healing journeys. Especially thanks to Carrie Scott for her stunning altars!!! Has been an epic series, above and beyond. I’m completely taken aback by how beautiful each person is and becomes even more when they move into their bodies and express their individualities. I personally have felt the power and the connection of the planetary archetypes in all parts of my life whilst running this – its been invaluable – and I wish for this for everyone else. Most of all its been fun and broadened my perspective which I’m very thankful for!! I’ve loved the sense of adventure and playfulness that has filled our room at times and also the sharing of the sweet tenderness of being human with our many colourful and textured parts. Thank you!! See you next week for “Body Magic & Quantum Light Breath Meditation”. Details to follow soon ♥ ♥ ♥

latest Dancing with Venus Session

Our dancing with Venus session went really well. Lots of partner work through the dance and strong venus/ishtar/aphrodite visualisations to open us up more to love. All in all a very powerful evening. Had good feedback on the ‘Dancing with the Cosmos’ facebook page – always good to hear how this affects us all personally. Looking forward to dancing with Venus’s ally Mars next week when we’ll be stepping up our warrior, assertive energy through our movement and meditations.

Thank you all who came and dared to journey deep into their hearts. “The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasures you seek” Joseph Campbell.

Dancing with the Cosmos II

Very nurturing night tonight – dancing with our inner femine moon energy. Lots of healing directed at early childhood and our connection to our mother. Loving our community of adventurous and wild dancers here in little Jersey!!

Dancing with the Cosmos – My thoughts

We had an amazing first night of Dancing with the Cosmos last week! Dancing with the Sun was an exhilarating and magical evening. 28 daring souls attended, journeying into their bodies and into dancing meditations and visualisations to enhance their inner solar power! I’m feeling very inspired by the numbers of dancing inner explorers that are bringing consciousness into their daily lifes through this healing dance! Looking forward to the next one – Dancing with the Moon!

Maria x