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“Going Deeper into Lucid Dreaming” with Charlie Morley

Saturday 21st April 2013


This unique workshop is an opportunity to go deeper into the practice and theory of lucid dreaming within the context of the spiritual path. Full of more techniques and perspectives, participants will be guided into the deeper reaches of lucidity training by Buddhist lucid dreaming teacher Charlie Morley.

Charlie says “We’ll explore new techniques and integration methods like dream planning, maintaining lucidity, conscious sleeping and looking at how we can move” beyond lucidity” into the realm of shared dreaming and psychic capacity. This is a great chance to explore some of the deeper insights and more advanced practices which we explore on the 4 day intensive retreats.”

This day is only open to people who have attended the Saturday workshop or a weekend workshop with Charlie before.


About Charlie Morley:

Charlie received the traditional “authorization to teach” from Lama Yeshe Rinpoche in 2008 and was asked to teach by renowned meditation teacher Prof. Rob Nairn who described him as “the most authentic practitioner of lucid dreaming and dream yoga teaching in Europe”. Charlie has been a self taught lucid dreamer since the age of 16 and since then he has run retreats and workshops around the world, co-created the “Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep” program and given the ever first talk on lucid dreaming at the well known “TED” conference.

Cost: £55

Returning workshop attendees pay only £50

Venue: The Isis Centre

Time: 10-5pm

Food: Please bring food to share

Numbers are limited so please book soon if you are interested.

To book please email: for BACS details or send cheque payable to ‘Earth Beauty’ to 12 Conway Street, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 3NT.  Or telephone Maria: 07797 832400 or Paypal and please advise when payment has been  made.

Dance Break

So there is a void here in Jersey right now since our last dance in December, no ecstatic dance group has been happening.  I miss it, we all miss it! The break was needed and hopefully soon I will be able to start a monthly dance group.  In the meantime, if anyone wants to start one or hold one that would be amazing! I’m also looking for support for the monthly class.  Please contact me if interested!

Moving, changing, growing …

Well, its been a while! I watched ‘Reversing Diabetes in 30 days’ yesterday.  So wonderful!! So inspiring!! And brought lots of tears to my eyes.  You can watch it on youtube, just save 90mins and get nice and comfortable.

With each day I am becoming more and more convinced that a raw wholefood plant based diet is our true health elixir. I’m letting go of the frustrations that doctors don’t promote this or even take diet much into account and just focusing now on how I can learn more, heal even more and then serve others by helping inspire and spread this news.  I’m also considering selling Kali-Ma so that I can condense my energies and deepen into fewer pursuits.  Raw chocolate making will always be a passion of mine, but bringing it into a business takes away time and energy from things which are seeming to be more important right now.

I look forward to the next clients I have into earth beauty that are open and wanting change through their diet, and I bow to those giving it a go in the face of adverse families and little support.  There does seem to be a mass engagement with this movement though, I am lucky enough to be seeing it around me, friends, clients, and groups on facebook supporting veganism.  The news about the detriments of dairy and meat and white food products is getting out.  The educating is happening now and the question is, are we open to hearing it?