Women Who Rise and Flow

A feast for the spirit of all women of all ages. A time to come together and dance, sing and share from our hearts.


More than ever our world needs empowered re-wilded women.


Empowered women are:

Women who are creating connection within themselves and their environment

Women who are allowing their creativity to flow

Women who are healing the bonds with other women

Women who are trusting the wisdom in their bodies

Women who are bold and courageous


Dance – Sing – Share – Remember


Dance –

We will begin with a journey into our bodies through movement and sound, with meditations and chants to open up our hearts.  Facilitated by Maria of Wild Earth Dance Jersey, this is a free-form movement /dance that allows our bodies to move freely without judgment or concern ‘for the “grace” or beauty of the dance.  It’s an exhilarating inner/outer journey of moving meditation and develops a direct body-mind-spirit connection, letting your body and inner guide be your teachers and healers.

Sing –

Yes we will sing! You will be taught different parts by ear by Kate Valentine, (no word or music sheets are needed) and you choose the one you like or feels most comfortable for your voice. The magic begins as we put the parts together. You’ll be amazed at the power and sheer beauty of hearing your individual parts sung together in harmony.

Benefits –

Immersing in singing and dancing is known to

● Reduce stress levels.
● Act as a natural anti-depressant.
● Relieve pain and tension in the body.
● Improve breath and makes you feel fitter.
● Instantly uplifts mood and makes you feel GOOD.
● Improve memory.
● Clear mind-fog.
● Boost confidence.
● Empower women.
● Build close friendships.
● Boost immune system and digestion.


Date and Time – Sunday 26th April: 2pm til 6pm

Cost – £35

Beginners Raw Chocolate Workshop

A Delicious and Fun Raw Chocolate Making Workshop with Maria and Ashley

All the chocolate we will be creating is vegan and contains no refined sugar. This is a very hands on workshop and you will learn how to make some lovely silky raw chocolate and some tasty chocolatey truffles with a possibility of many different flavours including:
Salted Caramel
Wild Orange and Geranium
Lime and Chili
Grapefruit and Cardamon
We’ll use very high quality ORGANIC ingredients and also doTERRA oils to flavour the chocolates (which are unbeatable in quality). You will walk away with a smile on your face plus beautifully packaged and bespoke chocolates you can keep or gift away with a retail value of £22.
We will also have some very pure but inexpensive cacao butter and products to purchase on the workshop should you wish to try out your new skills at home.
You only need to bring yourself and an apron!
Date: 1st April 2020
Time: 6.30 til 9.30
(Please arrive 6.15 to give time to get settled in)
The cost is £44.
First EARLYBIRD price is just £33 when booked before 12th March.
Second EARLYBIRD price is just £37 when booked between 12th and 24th March
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“I had the best fun tonight learing how to make raw chocolate & raw super seedy truffles with Maria – I seriously urge to you to get involed Kali-Ma Raw& Organic Chocolate its fun & tasty” Jojo Willacy
“Definitely a must! The chocolate is amazing and you can get really creative with the flavours” Tracy Noble
Please contact 07797832400 or email mariaearthbeauty@gmail.com for more information.
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Conscious Dance Reviews




It is always lovely to fall into the open soft space with Maria”

T Foran


“I was touched by your presence and by the gentle but powerful container that you held us in … the naturalness with which you held yourself and shared that love and humour with us..”
Cath Brown


“So deeply grateful for every one of you at the dance last night, it was wonderful and magical. Thank you so much Maria for bringing this community together and to the Cacao for helping to keep our vibrations soaring high”



“I feel so ‘cleared out’ – almost like a new person, inside! I felt like we had all been given a gift by you.”
Eleanor O’Callaghan-Mazidian


It was a truly uplifting and incredibly FREE-ING experience.

Alex Dessain


It was wonderful to be able to dance freely with the calming atmosphere you had created,
Terina Le Couillard


Thank you SO much for the space created……for us to simply BE ourselves in movement…….

Ralette Le Roux Chevalier


What a wonderful dance, excellent music and beautiful people.

Sally Poole


Thank you so much for holding such a sacred space….it was fascinating, magical and powerful.

Johann Liffey


Loved the energy and lovely souls all dancing alongside each other

Nikki Grierson


Amazing, amazing. I loved every minute of it!

Kinga Gutkowska


Loved this! Thank you so much

Corrine Davey

The Power in the Chakras


Are you ready to work deep into the past, present and future to claim the power you have lacked through limiting beliefs, trauma, cultural conditioning and/or a lack of knowledge or application? Are you ready to use the wisdom you already have in your body to guide you with loving presence and direction to increased wellbeing and transformation?


🌈 This is an 8 module journey into the powerhouse centres within our bodies starting in February until the end of March. If you cannot attend the whole journey, it is possible to book individual sessions.

🌈 Our chakras connect to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. We can claim back any lost power with enquiry, reflection, acknowledgment, compassion, and by trusting ourselves to be our own healers with the support of the strong sacred space container in which we will move in.

🌈 What can you expect? We will work with music, movement, toning, trance meditations, essential oils, and with each other as compassionate comrades to restore balance and wholeness into ourselves. This is an exhilarating and liberating journey but also one that works on a profound level in our wellbeing and psyche, and that has a strong emphasis on movement.

🌈 Everyone is welcome. Whether you are seasoned in the path of empowerment through movement, or whether you are completely new, you are welcome to join us. If you joined for a past journey, this will be unique, with new exercises, modalities and meditations, giving you the opportunity to immerse in different material and layers that arise.


Dates of modules: –


🔥 Sun 2nd February: 18.30 til 21.00 –  1st Chakra “ALL IS ONE” Muladhara/Grounding/Belonging/ Earth: The Root Chakra. Sun 2nd February: 18.30 til 21.00 – A journey back to where we came from. Acknowledging the past and our ancestral lineage. What belief patterns did you inherit from your family? What traumas did they endure? Which of those belief systems do you acknowledge are no longer serving you? Do you have unfinished business with your family? What blessings came from your family? Shining the light on the frozen grief and energy which is hindering your sense of ground and belonging and connection to mother earth.

🔥 Sat 8th February: 18.30 til 21.00 – 2nd Chakra “HONOR ONE ANOTHER” Svadisthana/Passion/Creativity/ Fire: The Sacral Chakra. A journey into our need for relationships and our sense of power, money and survival in our physical environment. How often do you direct your creative energies into negative paths of expression? Are you comfortable with your sexuality? Do you keep your word? Are you a controlling person? Shining the light on the frozen grief and energy which is hindering your sense of relating and abundance.

🔥 Sun 16th February: 18.30 til 21.00 – 3rd Chakra “HONOR ONESELF” Manipura/Confidence/Personal Power/ Fire: The Solar Plexus Chakra. A journey into our sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect. Do you like yourself? If not what don’t you like and why? Are you actively working to change the things you don’t like? Are you critical of others? Do you need the approval of others? Are you continually wishing your life was different?

🔥 Sun 1st March: 18.30 til 21.00 – 4th Chakra “LOVE IS DIVINE POWER” – Anahata/Compassion/Acceptance/Air: The Heart Chakra. A journey into our ability to let go, our ability to forgive and feel inner peace. What emotional memories do you still need to heal? Do you allow yourself to be controlled by the wounds of another person? What steps have you taken or will you take to prevent that from happening again?  Do you associate emotional health with no longer needing an intimate relationship? What have you done that needs forgiving? Who do you have to forgive?

🔥 Sun 8th March: 18.30 til 21.00 – 5th Chakra “SURRENDER TO DIVINE WILL” – Vishuddha/Deliverance/Authenticity/ Ether: The Throat Chakra.  A journey through the maturation of the willpower to true inner authority. What is your definition of being strong willed? Who has control over your willpower and why? Are you able to sense when you are receiving guidance to act upon? What fears do you have associated with divine guidance? Do you trust guidance that has no proof of outcome?

🔥 Sun 15th March: 18.30 til 21.00 – 6th Chakra “SEEK ONLY THE TRUTH – The Power of the Mind ” – Ajna/Intuition/Foresight/ Ether: The Third Eye Chakra. A journey into our mental body, our sense of symbolic sight and psychological characteristics. Are you judgmental? What people or situations bring that out in you? What attitudes do you have that disempower you? What beliefs do you have that cause you to interpret the actions of others in a negative way?

🔥 Sun 22nd March: 18.30 til 21.00 – 7th Chakra “LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT – Transcendence” Sahasrara/Unity/Divine Intelligence/ Ether: The Crown Chakra. A journey into our connection to life force energy, inspirational and prophetic thoughts, transcendent ideas and mystical connections.  What spiritual truths are you aware of that you do not live by? Are you devoted to a spiritual path?  What prevents you from continuing desired spiritual practices? Are you afraid of a closer spiritual connection to the divine because of the changes it might trigger in your life?

🔥 Sun 29th March: 18.30 til 21.00 – Ceremony/Integration and Witness. A celebration of all we are, an embodied integration of all the modules and chakras with an invocation of protection and affirmation of our intentions. This is given as a practice that can be followed daily to strengthen the spirit and live an authentic life that matters to us and those around us.

Influenced with gratitude by wonderful mystics and teachers such as Caroline Myss, Toko-Pa Turner, Ram Dass, Gabrielle Roth and Joanna Macy.  I am honoured to be your guide on this journey. If you cannot attend the whole journey, it is possible to book individual sessions.



“I want to thank you for the wonderful session yesterday.  I feel so ‘cleared out’ – almost like a new person, inside! I felt like we had all been given a gift by you.”

Eleanor O’Callaghan-Mazidian

“Thank you so much for holding such a sacred space and allowing us to connect with ourselves and each other….it was fascinating, magical and powerful. It was very special.”

Johann Liffey

“Amazing, Amazing …. I loved every minute of it”

Kinga Gutkowska

“Thank you for having me taking part of such a magical group.”

Joseph David Bras



⭐️ Come to each individual session for £15

Location: The Bridge Family Centre in St Saviour.

  • Notepad and pen
  • Wear comfy layers
  • A Blanket

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About Maria: 

After many years of learning about healing and the mysteries of the body, heart, soul and spirit since she was a child, Maria began a journey of discovering the power of true transformation and embodied healing through conscious dance practices in 2008. Soon after she was holding weekly practice spaces in Jersey through Barefoot Dance, Healing Dance, Soul Movement and now Wild Earth Dance … More here ….


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Kali-Ma Chocolate Selection Boxes

selection box of hand made raw chocolates

I’m delighted to offer these boxes again this year for you and your loved ones who care about quality chocolate.

  • Kali-Ma is:

Available in boxes of 16 or 24.

Chocolates included: Peanut Butter Ganache, Raspberry Ganache, Rich Cocoa Ganache, Salted Chilli and Naked Kali-Ma hard Chocolate

You can pre order below and collect them from SCOOP in St Lawrence, The Little Shop in Conway Street or Midland Stores in Maufant.

Ingredients; (all organic except sweet freedom) Cacao butter, Cacao powder, Coconut Nectar, Coconut Milk Powder, Chilli Oil, Vanilla pods, Himalayan Salt and a tiny bit of Raw Cane Sugar. Ganaches also contain Cashew Nuts, Peanuts, Raspberrys, Sesame Oil and Agave.

Sorry, now Sold Out


Tears Tantrums and Aggression

Tears, Tantrums and Aggression:

** What to do when your kid is losing it.
** How can you best respond when your kid is angry, upset or unmanageable?
** How do you stop them being aggressive?

What to say and do without shaming, scolding, or giving in. Simple, kind, effective tools that will build your child’s resilience, increase your confidence and make power battles a thing of the past. Guaranteed to inject joy, warmth and affectionate playfulness to your daily life.

Join us for a live remote talk and Q&A with the lovely and very knowledgable parenting expert Roma Norriss.

Roma Norriss is an incredible person. She’s a Parenting Consultant specialising in turning around unworkable family situations, where nothing else has worked. She is a mother of two living in Somerset and consults, teaches and writes about parenting, intimacy, listening and relationships internationally. You can follow her on Facebook or read her parenting blog at:


We are just charging a minimal fee of £2.50 to cover the cost of promoting this event. Please book now as space is limited.

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Regenerative Culture- Active Hope

This weeks Regenerative Culture session will be held by Maria Barnicoat and will endeavour to bring us into ACTIVE HOPE through the power of movement and dance, with Joanna Macy’s work “The Work That Reconnects”.

In these times of deepening global crises, many fall prey to denial and despair. This work shows how grief, anger and fear are healthy responses to the harsh realities of our time and that when honoured through this revolutionary work, they can free us from paralysis and move us to creative action.

We offer this work as an intrinsic part of Extinction Rebellion’s call for regenerative culture.

We would like to invite you to join us at THE BRIDGE from 3.00 to 5.00pm to begin this work together.


There is no charge but donations are welcome.

Feel free to bring snacks / food and drinks to share on the day!


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Support within the Magical Dark-time

Support Within the Magical Darkness

It’s important to recognize that the Winter can be a very dark time for many of us. We can get stuck in the darkness and we may be unable to see the light or believe that it will come. There are specific essential oils we will use in our FESTIVE WELLBEING CLASS that support our bodies and souls during this time, and inspire hope, courage, groundedness and nourishment through the dream-time darkness of the Winter.


Mid-Winter Mystical Dance


Mid-Winter Mystical Dance 

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Saturday 21st December, The Bridge Family Centre, St Saviours  7-9.15pm

Gather together with like minded hearts and souls with powerful presence, intent and celebration for this special time of year.
In Latin, solstice (mid winter) means ‘sun set still’ and Winter Solstice is the great stillness before the Sun’s strength builds, and days grow longer.
We will begin with an optional shared feast at 5pm and then at 7pm we will dance consciously into the fruitful dark out of which new life can eventually emerge. Everything lies dormant in the silent night, a sacred time of rest before the awakening, and the slow build toward longer days. We will also move in celebration for the sun that starts a new cycle at winter solstice and acknowledge the suns rays shining into the dark and nurturing the new life there to be cultivated.
This is an offering for life, and also an acknowledgment of the work of Extinction Rebellion Jersey, to gather and celebrate this potent dreaming time and the nourishing movement we have growing in strength here in Jersey.


Wild Earth Dance “Conscious Dance”

This is a dance that cleanses your mind with sweat and breath, laughter and prayer. We let go of conversation, dissolve into movement, drop deep into the body and discover the anatomy of the soul. We will move through personal exploration into a loving, intimate relationship body, mind, heart, and source energy and awaken our imaginations together in a field of connected dreaming. We are powerful creative beings and the dance facilitates in us a liberation of that beautiful power and intent.


This dance will be facilitated by Maria Barnicoat, who first began hosting conscious dance back in 2008 (read my journey here).


Everyone is welcome!


The dance will be preceded by a shared vegetarian meal from 5-7pm.

Please bring a dish to contribute and huddle amongst like hearted souls for a tasty feast before we move in celebration.


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Festive Wellbeing with Essential Oils

During this wintery festive season there are so many things we can do to enable wonderful health and wellbeing with the magic of essential oils


Surround yourself with the right knowledge and essential oils to keep you vibrant inside and out.

During our wellbeing class you will:-

** Be given a step by step regime that will keep you strong and well through the winter months

** Discover the best essential oils to help you recover from late night and excess

** Take away easy to do tips to keep your liver strong

** Experience the effect of reduced cortisol on your physiological wellbeing through a calming meditation

** Learn more about therapeutic grade doTERRA oils and how they are safe and effective natural medicine for you and your whole family.


Held at Earth Beauty, 12 Conway Street
Above The Little Shop
Sunday 8th December
11.00 – 12.45pm


The Class is £15 per person entrance fee on the day


Book NOW and pay just £11


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