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SOUL Movement is Here!!

            I’m very excited to announce that our dance classes are back … and with a new name and new hall. Once a month, on a Friday at 6:30-8:15pm, at First Tower School, St Helier, Jersey, you are invited to Soul Movement.  For those that came to the Bare Feet […]

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Swap your skills!!

I know we need a certain amount of the paper money to pay our rents/mortgages etc but over the last couple of years I’ve massively enjoyed swapping skills with others, usually time for time instead of money.  It really works for me, but there’s one thing that you have to overcome – you have to […]

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Dancing for a new name …

In a few weeks I’ll be resuming a dance class that I have held for the best part of 4 years here.  I’m very excited.  And I can confirm that it will be in the location where I gave the first ever class – First Tower School! It will be held once monthly on a […]

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Guilt-Less Raw Chocolate

As I was eating a heart-shaped piece of Kali-Ma yesterday … I was filled with a gratitude for something that tastes so so good also being so beneficial.  Eating it made me happy! I then thought it would be good to remind myself WHY WHY WHY is raw chocolate the way to go and why is it […]

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The Healthy Anti-Aging Benefits of Acupressure Face and Scalp Massage

Forget Botox, Needles, Pain, Expense ….. The simplest and most relaxing way to rejuvenate your skin and yourself is by having a scalp and face massage! I love giving face and scalp massages.  They are so therapeutic and on so many levels! Not only does the mixture of Swedish and acupressure techniques I use help send clients […]

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An Amazing Weekend of Lucid Dreaming!

I’m so happy to have been lucky enough to stumble across Charlie Morley. It has been SUCH a pleasure to have him back over on Jersey soil to teach again. He has a very unique, open approach to teaching and makes learning about lucid dreaming such a fun and exciting experience. A lucid dream is […]

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Dance Break

So there is a void here in Jersey right now since our last dance in December, no ecstatic dance group has been happening.  I miss it, we all miss it! The break was needed and hopefully soon I will be able to start a monthly dance group.  In the meantime, if anyone wants to start […]

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Moving, changing, growing …

Well, its been a while! I watched ‘Reversing Diabetes in 30 days’ yesterday.  So wonderful!! So inspiring!! And brought lots of tears to my eyes.  You can watch it on youtube, just save 90mins and get nice and comfortable. With each day I am becoming more and more convinced that a raw wholefood plant based […]

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Movement meditation evening

Lovely movement and meditation session the other night.  Great turnout and big journeys for people travelling back to their true peaceful natures in a lovely sacred healing space.  So good to be amongst this amazing bunch of crazy daring dancers and explorers.  Maria x

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Cosmos Dancing Season Finale

A beautiful finale to our 10 week series!! Thank you all who braved our sacred space with their movement and contributed to our healing journeys. Especially thanks to Carrie Scott for her stunning altars!!! Has been an epic series, above and beyond. I’m completely taken aback by how beautiful each person is and becomes even […]

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