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SISTERMOON – Gifts of Ancestors


Friday 27th July

“The Gifts of Ancestors”

Join our beautiful sacred space to dance, share and love together at full moon time. Each gathering we focus on a different theme to help us heal and rise the feminine energy. This month we dance with our ancestors and the gifts they bring us.
Our upcoming Sun in Leo and Full Moon in Aquarius Lunar Eclipse moon is ripe with potential for us to create transformation in our lives and the world around us. They give us the opportunity to create sacred space and consciously integrate shadow aspects and inner and outer challenges. We will use the energy to acknowledge the deep well of support we have behind us and the journey our ancestors took to bring us where we are today. We’ll give this attention and care to whatever is arising or feeling unintegrated in our lives and prepare ourselves for the next chapter.

What could happen if us women gave ourselves the time and energy to dive in and explore our power and possibilities in a sacred supportive space?

Our gatherings have been a sweet respite for us women in our busy and patriarchal modern world. Dance is a magical portal to ride us into our journey into healing and rising our feminine as it fully supports our feminine nature and unfolding healing processes. In the realm of conscious dance with the intention of love and integration, transformation happens.
This isn’t a place where we’ll be impressing each other with our dance moves. We will drop in deeply to our bodies and our space will support authentic healing movement and our own unfolding creative expression.
We also use some yummy essential oils to support and nurture us, and nibble on delicious raw chocolate!
Date: Friday 27th July
Venue: The Bridge Centre, St Saviour, Jersey
Facilitator: Maria Barnicoat
Time: 7.00 -9.15pm (please arrive at least 10min before)
Bring: Notebook and blanket. Pictures/objects of past relatives and ancestral connections
Cost: £15 – see ticket link to book
About the facilitator: Maria has been holding spaces for meditation, dance and reflection for over 10 years and working with her own spiritual journey for much longer, and particularly feels passionate about helping to create sisterhood, empowerment and connection in women and in our community and the world around us.
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Vibrant Health and Wellbeing with Essential Oils

How can we create and maintain our most VIBRANT selves on this crazy, fast paced world we live in and empower ourselves for a lifetime of healthy living?

Depression, Hay Fever, Chronic Inflammation, Digestive Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Muscle pain, Arthritis, Infections, Migraines, Viruses, Colds, Fatigue, Fevers, Hormonal Imbalances, Wounds, Stings, Cuts etc etc are what we are all dealing with on a daily basis.

SO MANY AILMENTS can actually be prevented, remedied or vastly improved by using CPTG (Therapeutic Grade) Essential Oils.

– We’ll demonstrate what it looks like on a regular summer day to be using essential oils and NOT CHEMICALS to keep us vibrant and well.

– We’ll teach a basis hand massage and a lovely meditation to body scan yourself on a regular basis

– We’ll share some treats, give you a chance to experience these oils for yourselves and give away a prize in a draw.

This class is for you is you are any of the following:

**Wanting to EDUCATE yourself about essential oils

**Wanting to be LINKING up with likeminded health conscious individuals

**DISILLUSIONED with the health care system and prescriptive drugs

**Have SERIOUS, CHRONIC OR ACUTE health concerns that you would like to try an alternative route with

**Already BENEFITTING from essential oils but want to build upon your knowledge

**Want to find a NEW health promoting way to take care of you and your family

For many years I felt frustrated and let down by the medical system with my own chronic health issues. After a lot of research, and now supplementation with doTERRA Essential Oils, on a regular basis, I am experiencing the benefits of taking control of my wellbeing. This movement is growing rapidly and I’m excited to share with you the solutions and benefits we find find through using doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils.


Monday 13th August

at 7:00pm til 8.30pm


Tuesday 14th August

At 11.00am til 12.30pm


Both events are in Cobo Community Centre

Investment: £10 (please book your place through the ticket link)


See you there!

Maria and Nikki xxx

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So Excited about Copaiba and Cedarwood Offers this month!

doTERRA is just about to release Copaiba Oil

They are even giving it away free this month with orders over 200PV. I’ve heard incredible news about the healing properties from this oil and that it is being taken orally and having amazing benefits for people. I’m going to try to continue my healing road for age long digestive issues. Will keep you all posted!

And Cedarwood is product of the month if you place the order before 15th July!!

Cedarwood is truly one for the medicine cabinet. Multiple uses to keep us well and healthy! Was looking forward to trying it to deepen my sleep but after some research am going to be using it in many ways.

DIY Natural Body Product Workshop

There’s absolutely no reason to still be using nasty chemicals on ourselves and in our environment anymore. The word is out and we know the damage they do to us and our planet.

So let’s get down with some of mumma nature’s best ingredients and create body product heaven in the kitchen together!! You only have to make these once and then you can create more and more, again and again, never having to settle for ‘less than’ again.

We will make the following lovely products together:

*Shea Butter and Lavender Sunscreen SPF20
*Cocoa Orange Lip Balm
*Dry hair Shampoo
*Deeply nourishing body butter
*Pillow Spray or Skin Toner or therapeutic Essential Oil Rollerball tailored to your needs.

If you are vegan, please advise upon booking that you are vegan.

We will lace them with the purest doTERRA essential oils and end up with products better than you can by in the shops! You will take them all home with you in lovely containers. I’ll share with you why doTERRA are the purest oils on the planet and the benefits of using them regularly in your lives.

The investment for this workshop is £55 but early bird price of £45 is available until 19th July! To secure your space, please pay through the link above and confirm to

Venue: Home Economic Dept in JCG
Date: Monday 23rd July
Time: 18.30-21.30


Booking ended

Emotional Nourishment Class


Our gathering is an invaluable immersion into peace and wellbeing during our busy week. We will be sharing meditation, breathing techniques, and essential oil ‘tools’ for you to reduce stress and much more!
Emotional health is at the forefront of all our physical health. If we are vibrant emotionally then our physical wellbeing is likely to thrive too.
When it comes to our emotions and thoughts WE are the CREATORS, we can shift the way we think, feel and respond to life pressures and extremes.
In this class you will learn:
* In simple terms, how some of the brain’s systems work, in relation to how you react to situations, anxiety and stress.
* How you can use meditation, breathing techniques and essential oils to produce ‘calm’ and ‘happy’ hormones (brain chemistry).
* How to DE-STRESS your body’s chemistry, lowering your cortisol level (cortisol being a premature aging stress hormone).
* Which oils to use when RE-CREATING healthier ways to think with affirmations (creating a healthier ‘brain road map’).
* How to create a good nights SLEEP, after all if we don’t sleep well it can play all sorts of havoc on our brains and bodies.
* HOW TO apply oils, aromatically, topically and through ingesting.
* Which is the best way to APPLY to achieve your desired effect.
This class is for YOU if you are curious about essential oils for general purposes. You may already be aware of the power they have and you may feel you are ready to bring a valuable ‘tool’ into your life for you and your family’s health and wellness routine. Or perhaps you want a new direction in life with new resources to share to others and create an income? (We will also share information about building a business through essential oils).
Come and learn! We will be sharing our collective extensive knowledge with you. We will show you how to be empowered, finding solutions for a better mental and emotional state of ‘being’.
Date: Monday 25th June
Time: 7-8.45pm
Where: Ziggarat Hotel in St Peter Port, Guernsey
Date: Tuesday 26th June
Time: 11-12.45pm
Where: Cobo Community Centre, Guernsey
Our gift to you is that one ticket gets you into both events we are holding, so you can fully immerse twice in what we are offering if you wish to really soak up the great resources.
Booking through payment is required on the link below to secure your space – book early to avoid disappointment. EARLY BIRD until Sunday 24th June – price £10, thereafter £15.
Hosted by 2 passionate women in the health industry: Maria Barnicoat and Nikki Grierson from Jersey
Maria is an Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist and Reflexologist with over 20 years experience in the wellness industry.
Nikki is a Yin Yoga Teacher and holds regular workshops in health and wellbeing.
Both women are committed to empowering others to good health and optimum well-being.
The oils we will be using are doTERRA, their potency and quality taking essential oils into a whole new realm for healing.
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Essential Oil Class – Tuesday 5th June


Tuesday 5th June: 7pm-8.30pm
  • Find out the important basics of using essential oils.
  • Be your own family physician and learn about the important oils for everyday use.
  • Use the amazing iTOVI scanner to see which oils you need right now.
  • Be entered into a prize draw.
  • EVENT IS FREE and friends are welcome … but there is limited space so please create a booking below if you plan to join us.

Address: 6 Gorey Pier. Yellow House with balcony next to the Moorings Hotel. Event will start at 7:00pm.

PLEASE EMAIL to claim your space!

Sharing doTERRA in a FUN and EXCITING way with FRIENDS and COLLEAGUES

I’m very excited to be able to offer FREE doTERRA friend gatherings and team building parties during the months of June and July

You’ll get to host a party either at your house, workplace, or if its not suitable, come to my lovely place in Gorey!  You, the host will receive a FREE gift and we’ll have a prize draw during the evening. You and your friends will experience the yumminess and purity of the oils and learn some valuable information about natural healthcare.

Choose from the following themes which all last 2 hours:


Natural Solutions

A popular and general class covering a wide range of topics on the very many natural, safe, and effective solutions doTERRA offers.

Healthy skin and hair

We can enhance the beauty and life of our hair and skin with doTERRA and remedy many issues simply and effectively whilst creating anti-aging and renewing effects for ourselves.

Cleaning without Chemicals

Our world is overloaded with detrimental chemicals to us and our planet. Be part of the movement in creating healthy and effective cleaning products using doTERRA and simple imgredients.

Healthy, Happy and Beautiful Body

Taking care of our bodies in a therapeutic and beautifying way with doTERRA.  Learn the basics of how to create body products that are kind and caring.

Body, Heart and Soul Nourishment

Meditation, Massage and using doTERRA oils for calming and relaxing. You will also learn and experience a calming and restorative hand reflexology massage.

Delicious Cuisine Combinations

Taste sensations and exciting ideas for flavouring the food and drinks in your life.  Bringing the therapeutic effects into our foods and onto our tables whilst caring for our wellbeing.

Detox Your Body

Particular oils and supplements that doTERRA make are very effective at supporting and encouraging the body to release and absorb toxins in our major organs. How can we best support ourselves through doTERRA and their wonderful range of products and oils.

To Create a Successful and FUN Class:

  1. Pick the class you want to host and decide if you want to host it at your place or mine.
  2. Choose a date and time and confirm it with me on email to
  3. Send me full instructions on where you live if its going to be at yours
  4. Invite between 15-25 people (an ideal number is between 5-8 and usually there is around a 30% acceptance and turnout with these events)
  5. Ask your attendees in advance if there are any specific issues they’d like some support with that we can address on the evening.
  6. If you want to start on the road to building resources through doTERRA, we should have a conversation about you, the host enrolling beforehand so that you can be compensated for any of your friends who decide to engage and use these products in their lives.


TO GET THE WORD OUT: Perhaps create a facebook group message, event or group email and cut and paste the following if you need some inspiration for your invite:


Dear friends

I have recently discovered the many wellness benefits essential oils and am loving them so much and feeling so inspired that I want to share a fun evening with a few of us on (“DATE and TIME”). If you are open to natural forms of healthcare and alternative medicine, I would be delighted if you would join our gathering AT NO COST to gain knowledge on the various ways that we can empower ourselves with essential oils and the natural products made by doTERRA. This event will be hosted by myself and Maria Barnicoat (Certified Aromatherapist) from “Kali-Ma: Creative, Conscious and Vibrant Living” and I hope you can join us as we will also have a little prize draw! Our theme will be (“chosen theme above”) and if you can come, please let me know in advance if you have any questions or concerns that you would like addressed. Either Maria can address them in advance with you personally over the telephone or we can discuss it in class with everyone.

Hoping you can come,



CURRENTLY the dates that are available are:

Thursday 31st May
Tuesday 5th June
Friday 8th June
Tuesday 12th June
Friday 15th June
Tuesday 19th June
Friday 22nd June
Tuesday 26th June
Tuesday 3rd July
Friday 6th July
Tuesday 10th July
Friday 13th July


Looking forward to hearing from you for a guaranteed fun and relaxing evening.

Body Heart & Soul Nourishment

Our gathering is an invaluable immersion into peace and wellbeing after a busy week.

The combination of PRESSURE POINT massage and ESSENTIAL OILS can deeply relax and recalibrate our whole system. You’ll get to experience how to create some inner peace for yourself with simple tools, and release healing endorphins through:

* learning how to give a simple but very effective massage on the hands using reflexology points.

* learning how to use essential oils for maximum serenity and soothing effect

* taking part in a simple mindfulness exercise to halt all cortisone production and return back to a truer version of you.

And then follow it on with having a fabulous weekend in a positive state of mind.

doTERRA is a bit of a buzz word at the moment and it could be easy to underestimate the purity and quality they represent. If you’ve never had the chance to experience or learn a bit more about them, this is a wonderful opportunity!

Hosted by 2 passionate women in the health industry: Maria Barnicoat and Liz Sheehan.

Maria is an Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist and Reflexologist with over 20 years experience in the wellness industry.

Liz is a Nutritional Therapist, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and soon to be qualified Naturopath.

Both women are passionate about empowering and resourcing others to good health and optimum well-being.

Location is Curiousity Coffee Shop in Sand Street. 5.30-7.00

Investment is £10.

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Essential Oil Tribe Gathering

Our mission is to help others become happier, healthier and empowered through the use of doTERRA essential oils.

We are excited to hold an intimate gathering for a few lovely people!

  • We’ll share tea and raw chocolate together and talk the fundamental basics of keeping well with essential oils.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to use the iTOVI scanner to read your energy field and see specifically which oils you require.
  • You’ll take home some homemade healing salve and the recipe!
  • Some lucky peeps will win some essential oils and homemade lipbalms made with doTERRA oils in a raffle!
  • This is intimate and private and first come first serve.


Booking ended

Soul Movement – Uncovering Joy

What obscures us from experiencing the JOY of LIFE?

It is possible to experience so much joy if we are free from the tensions that cloud this natural state of being. Our witnessing and care transforms stuckness into sweet flow and into the direction of being able to celebrate the blossoming of life, which is so prominent in our flourishing spring environment right now. Come and be guided on a sweet soul nourishing journey.

What is Soul Movement?

* Created in 2008, under the original name of Bare Feet Ecstatic Dance by Maria, Soul Movement is an exhilarating and nurturing mind, body and spirit dance and movement journey, taking us into the core of our hearts and innate creativity. It helps to release stuck patterns in our mind, body and spirit and we are left pulsating with life and more empowered to live from a place of truth and soul integrity, where spontaneity resides. It is inspired by beautiful music and held in a sweet and gentle dimly lit space with the aim of dropping deeply into our bodies to move freely without judgment or concern ‘for the “grace” or beauty of the dance. It is an inner/outer journey of moving meditation which develops a direct body-mind-spirit connection, letting your body and inner guide be your teachers and healers.

When: Friday 18th May
Where: The Bridge Family Centre. Take a sharp right into the old St Marks School site at the bottom of St Saviours Hill.
Bring: Water and blanket
Wear: Layers and comfy clothes to move freely in.
Cost: £12 or call me for concessionary rates if needed.
Contact: Maria on 07797832400 or email

Maria has been in the health and wellbeing industry since leaving school and has been holding meditation and inner journey healing spaces for over 10 years. She is passionate about helping to resource others to be empowered, happier, healthier, with the freedom to live with authenticity and simplicity.

Please arrive 10 mins early.

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