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Life as a Mumma – The first day

  I think we’d met about 2 hours before this picture was taken.  It was a clear and beautiful November day. The most exhilarating day of my life.  The high was mind blowing.  The midwives were amazing.  Especially sweet Rachel who was with us for our first day.  She really helped encourage me to get […]

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My Beautiful Studio is up for Rent! Farewell Earth Beauty xxx

                The time has come to close the doors to Earth Beauty after over 10 years of being open for wellness and natural beauty so that I can devote all my energy to being a new mama. I’m so thankful to Janice, my mother, for having such a […]

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Blissful Treatments now in Gorey with Maria!

Treat yourself to BLISS with Maria in the Mystical East of Jersey! For the next few weeks I’m seeing clients at my home! Its super cosy, relaxed, and working from home means I can be very flexible in the times you want to see me. Parking on Gorey Pier is easy and whats more …. […]

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A New Dawn is Arising – Appointments Winding Down

              In just a few weeks time I will have had my beautiful baby! As a new dawn arises for me, I want to let you all know that I will be massively winding down bodywork sessions from today.  I will be able to see a few people from […]

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Food Intolerance Testing on the Rise!

It seems that we are getting wiser.  Although its unlikely if you go into a doctors surgery complaining of chronic digestive issues, energy lapses, headaches and skin issues, that they will advise you seek out a specialist who tests food intolerances, current statistics say that over 45% of our population have become intolerant to one […]

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Moving into a New Rite of Passage for the Feminine

This feels by far like my greatest rite of passage yet.  The journey to motherhood! Pregnancy! An exhilarating, intensely vulnerable roller-coaster gestation period where I have found strength and incredible support from my soul sisters around me.  The world will never be the same and sometimes I am just overwhelmed by this blessing of life.  I […]

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I’m Back in Jersey with Fresh Energy!

  After an amazing month away I’m back and ready to take appointments again.  I look forward to hearing from you all.  Much love xxx        

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Dancing with Intimacy

As I reflect over the awesomeness that was this weekend, I want to thank again all of you gorgeous dancing warriors that joined us for the journey … and that includes the amazing Friday night-ers that came just for one night. I am in so much gratitude for the depth of sharing and heart connections […]

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Maca is Amazing

I believe in Maca so much, I take it daily and sell it at Earth Beauty!  

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Ancient Wisdom for Jersey by Little Grandmother

Jersey was blessed to have Little Grandmother, aka Keisha Crowther over this past weekend to teach and deliver an important message to us all. Her message was clear – for us to be living in the power, beauty and sustenance that is Love and Heart consciousness, instead of the EGO consciousness that generates so much fear and suppression in […]

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